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What do club members need? Find out everything about the Online Member Area

Asia Balicka, 16 Sep 2020 / 2 min reading

Every day you care about the quality of the equipment and the level of service in the club. That’s great! How to make the online club members’ experience just as perfect? In this article, we will walk you through the online customer path step by step.

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Contactless - a new dimension of member experience

Asia Balicka, 16 Sep 2020 / 2 min reading

Until recently, contactless activities or the use of virtual solutions could be considered a manifestation of incomprehensible and unavailable new technology or even extravagance. Today, however, the changing reality forces us to look for new communication paths, new methods and solutions to continue working despite multiple restrictions.

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Coming soon - NEW eFitness App

Asia Balicka, 11 Sep 2020 / < 1 min reading

Much more for the club, much more for club members – this is how you can resume the new eFitness application. Why is it worth being interested in the application for fitness clubs?

The first of October,  a brand new mobile application eFitness App,

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Welcome to the Knowledge Base! How can we help you?

Asia Balicka, 27 Aug 2020 / < 1 min reading

After the successful launch of the Polish version, which was very warmly received by our customers, we present the English version of Knowledge Base!

More and more eFitness system users use the instructions and video tutorials available in the Knowledge Base.

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Group classes during a pandemic time - 5 awsome tips

Asia Balicka,
10 Nov 2020

The new reality – different means worse?

Asia Balicka,
30 Oct 2020

New eFitness App

Asia Balicka,
13 Oct 2020