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Group classes during a pandemic time - 5 awsome tips

Asia Balicka, 10 Nov 2020 / 3 min reading

We don’t want to write again that difficult times have come, tomorrow’s uncertainty, and limited fitness industry opportunities. We suggest looking at the situation with an open mind and finding a way to go further anyway. Take the chance! Be closer to club members,

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The new reality – different means worse?

Asia Balicka, 30 Oct 2020 / 3 min reading

Let’s be clear – technology will never replace a real fitness club. However, in the uncertain times that face the fitness industry, it could prove to be an ally. Nothing can replace the club atmosphere, but technology will add a new dimension to the member experience.

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New eFitness App

Asia Balicka, 13 Oct 2020 / 2 min reading

Even more options for clubs, even more convenience for club members – this is how one sentence can describe the advantages of the new eFitness mobile application.

Following global trends, we designed the application to make clubs working more effectively and be closer to their club members.

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At the beginning of the fitness season - what’s new in the eFitness team?

Konstancja, 23 Sep 2020 / 2 min reading

This summer was heated not only by temperature! A lot was going on in our organization – in June, we returned to the office for good, we worked on large projects and prepared ourselves thoroughly for the beginning of the season in fitness clubs.

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Manager's roles and tasks - planning and reporting based on data

Asia Balicka,
26 Feb 2021

This year was… 2020 Overview

7 Jan 2021

The new look of the eFitness system

Asia Balicka,
22 Dec 2020