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eFitness in the new office

Asia Balicka, 26 Feb 2020 / < 1 min reading

eFitness in the new office

We are pleased to announce that we have just moved to a new office, which is located in the Pixel 5 office building at ul. Grunwaldzka 184 in Poznan. We are very proud of it!

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Wexer training library - benefits for club members and fitness club

Asia Balicka, 14 Feb 2020 / 2 min reading

The development of new technologies affects the way we undertake physical activity, particularly in Health clubs. The authors of Wexer digital training have introduced numerous training solutions available online to Health Clubs around the world. One of them is the library of virtual classes,

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Virtual classes at your fitness club

Asia Balicka, 14 Feb 2020 / 3 min reading

What is the future of exercise? Will it be done in the gym or at home? What new devices will enter the market and will they go beyond measuring effort, heart rate, and calories burned? Will we start to see more devices that link up to your body,

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5 reasons why your Health Club should consider Virtual Fitness Classes

Joe Hall, 14 Feb 2020 / 3 min reading

Virtual fitness classes combine the smartest technology with traditional exercise. The set up is simple, the class participants, whether that’s just one or a large group face a big screen and follow an instructor on the screen. With pumping, energetic music,

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Great solutions from eFitness - online classes in your club!

Asia Balicka,
27 Mar 2020

Communication is the key - online classes and more for fitness clubs from eFitness

Asia Balicka,
24 Mar 2020

Important information: eFitness software is fully operational

13 Mar 2020