Mobile application in the fitness club. What are the advantages for club members?

Contact with club members and availability are topics that you certainly work on frequently as a fitness club manager. How to make communication even more efficient and the club always within easy reach?

It is quite simple! In this article, you will learn how the mobile application for club members and fitness clubs can help you with this, as well as how to effectively promote this solution in the club. At the end of this article, you’ll find helpful downloadable graphics. You can use them without restrictions by adding your club’s logo. Available materials are ready for online publication and print!

We have written a lot about the eFitness App. However, if you’re still wondering how to make your club members love it too, here are some advantages to help you convince them.

What are the benefits of club members from using the eFitness App? The app gives what they care most about:

  • access to an always up-to-date calendar of classes, selection and booking of classes,
  • quick payments,
  • monitoring your training progress,
  • convenient and quick entries to the club thanks to dynamic QR codes,
  • access to information about the status of the membership, news, promotions and contact with the club staff.

Let’s take a closer look at these possibilities!

Class booking – it’s easy!

A clear calendar of classes and a quick registration for your favorite classes are essential. Perhaps they made the club member choose your facility. The calendar of classes available in the mobile application allows you to sign up for classes directly from your phone. In addition, the mobile application also offers the option of subscribing to the reserve list, if all the seats on the main list are full. Do we have to mention that the option of booking classes via a mobile device will relieve the traffic at the reception? The club members will save time that would be lost standing in the queue.

Fast payments – secure transactions

The application is not only about booking classes. Club members can also make quick payments for subsequent installments or individual classes directly from the phone. It is a convenient and modern solution that will be appreciated by the customers of your club.

Observation of progress – the result counts

Watching your progress is a great way to keep your club members motivated and to improve club retention. The application enables clear tracking of training progress. Remind club members about this possibility.

Contactless entrances to the club – convenience and accessibility

Dynamic QR codes are a very convenient solution for club members. In the application, the club member automatically generates a unique, one-time entry code. In turn, this will provide your club with even greater security in relation to traditional QR codes – the solution reliably eliminates attempts to abuse.

Easy communication – the club at your fingertips

The eFitness App offers you the ability to send push messages to your club members. It is a perfect solution if you want to be in constant contact with them and inform them about news in the schedule, news or remind them about any changes. You can remind club members about upcoming training with free notifications. The perfect way to get full room during fitness classes!

How to inform club members about the possibility of using the mobile application?

You certainly know best which of the ways of contacting club members are the best. Here are some of the most proven ones:

  • the club’s website and the Online Member Area – this is where your club members look if they want to check the current class schedule or the club’s offer (more about the possibilities of the Online Member Area). It is also a good place to inform about the possibility of downloading the club application in the news! Check how to add news in the Online Member Area.
  • social media – your club definitely runs an Instagram, Facebook or TikTok account – these are also great channels to inform club members about the app. We have prepared for you a set of graphics in the formats required by social media – thanks to these graphics you can quickly prepare, for example, a Facebook post, do not forget to add a link to download the application (both to the Google Play store and the Apple Store).
  • sending e-mail and SMS messages – in the eFitness system you can quickly send e-mail and SMS messages to club members. These types of messages are very openable. You can be sure that the club members will receive information about the new product. See how easy it is to set up e-mail and SMS sending and how to send them.
  • directly in the fitness club – the last but no less important way. Let’s not forget how important direct contact in the club is. Reception staff can tell incoming club members about the application and show them how easy they can sign up for the classes themselves. We have prepared poster and sticker designs for you, which will also support the communication of the application in the club.

Download ready-made materials, use them at will!

Remember to also put your club’s logo on the graphics!

The mobile application for a fitness club is a solution that your club members will love. More and more people are happy to use the app in clubs. We are constantly improving the application to meet all the requirements of both clubs and club members. Stay up to date with app updates by checking eFitness notifications.

If you want to know more or have questions about the application, please contact us through the Helpdesk ticket system.

Written by
Asia Balicka