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Class schedule and booking a place in classes

We know that classes and personal training sessions are the backbone of your business. The eFitness mobile app for class sign-ups is perfect for booking and keeping everything under control.

Fitness class sign-ups always at your fingertips

Clear class schedule and easy search by type or instructor. Let club members sign up for the classes they love in seconds. If the limit of the people in the class is reached, they are added to a standby list. With convenient and fast sign-ups, club members can book a place without needing the employees at the front desk!

Payments and entry to the club via the app

Do you want to buy additional training or pay for a pass? Thanks to fast eFitness payments, it only takes a moment in the eFitness App.

Cashless payments

Take advantage of cashless payments via the mobile app! This is convenient for club members, as making a payment does not require any effort from them and you are assured of the inflow of funds.

Contactless entry

Using the eFitness App, club members can enter the club without a queue and even without plastic cards thanks to dynamic and secure QR codes. In addition, you can use the eFitness Scanner – a mobile club entrance reader.

Contact with club members and push notifications

The mobile app is the ideal tool for contacting and building relationships with your club members, even when they are not present in the club. Try it out yourself!

Stay in touch with your club members

Let club members contact your employees easily and conveniently with the Contact option in the eFitness App!

You can send push notifications to your club members for free and publish exciting club updates.

Progress monitoring

Ability to check the number of visits, time spent in the club, add measurements and monitor your progress. The eFitness App is the perfect tool to increase retention in your club. Club members meet their training goals with the app, which keeps them motivated to train regularly at their favourite club!

Branding of your club

What if the app was in your club's colours? It's possible! Customise the look of the app to suit your needs and be even closer to your customers.

An app that matches your club

It's worth taking care of your fitness club's distinctive branding. In the eFitness App you can set up a look that is consistent with your brand. In the app you can change colours, add logos, images and other elements necessary to create a consistent identity for your fitness club.

Reviews from users of the eFitness App mobile app

Satisfied app users

A mobile app loved by more than 80,000 fitness club customers (rating: 4.8 out of 2491 reviews on the Apple Store). We created the app for active fitness club customers to make it easy for them to book classes, make quick payments and enter the club. We are constantly developing the app and its features so that every visit to the club is a top quality experience.


Frequently asked questions about the mobile app for fitness clubs.

If you are not yet using the eFitness App in your club, please apply to us via Live Chat, the Application System or the contact form on this page. The process of launching the app does not take long, we are happy to help you!

There is one version of the app. Once you have updated, it is not possible to return to the previous version. After the update, all your data remains the same.

This is not possible at the moment. The mobile app is connected to the eFitness system and the Online Customer Area, which ensures a consistent operation of the club in areas such as pass sales, payments and class schedule management.

There is no obligation for club members to use the app. However, we encourage you to give it a try as the app facilitates many routine activities such as signing up for classes or purchasing a pass. In addition, the club member also stays in touch with the club after the class is over.

It is possible to change the colour or graphics directly in the app settings. There is also the possibility of advanced customisation of the app's look according to the needs of the club, which we provide upon customers' request.

Downloading the app is free for club members. If the club uses the PLN 0 version of the eFitness Studio system, the app is free for the club, but there is a fee for club members paid directly in the App Store or Google Play. If the club uses the full version of eFitness Business, there is a fee for the club according to the applicable price list. Advanced customisation of the app's appearance (other than the standard ones available to all) is charged extra.

Check how the eFitness application will help you stay in touch with club members.

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