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New mobile application for club members

Awesome features and modern look.
Freedom to manage schedule and activity stats 24/7.

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finding classes in gym software app

Class Bookings

Good-looking class schedule and easy search for classes by their type or instructor. Let club members sign up for the activities they love. Thanks to the convenient and quick registration for classes, they will reserve a place without involving the reception staff.

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Cashless payments

Use the cashless payment options at the club. The payments are made "by themselves" that ensure the club's inflow of funds.

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tracking progres gym mobile app

Tracking progress

Allow members to check their number of visits and time spent training, so they can track their progress, Watch your members become more motivated to attend more and stay longer.

easy contact gym software app


Allow your members to contact your staff easily and conveniently by using the app.

push notifications gym software app


Send push notification to your members and publish exciting information about your club for free.

QR code access control

By using QR codes in the application, you can streamline the process of entering the club. Club members can join the club faster, without queues, and without contact.

branding mobile app gym software


What if the app was in the colors of your club? It is possible! Customize the appearance of the application to your needs and be even closer to your members.


If you are not using the application yet, please contact us. Here, you can find all the necessary elements. If you are already using the previous version, the update will be performed automatically.

There is one version of the application. After updating, it is not possible to revert to the previous version. After the update, all data will remain unchanged.

Unfortunately not. The mobile application is connected to the eFitness system and the Online Member Area, ensuring consistent club operation in a such as the sale of memberships, payments, and class schedule management.

There is no obligation for club members to use the application. However, we encourage you to give it a try, as the application facilitates many routine activities, such as signing up for classes or purchasing a memberships. Additionally, the club member remains in touch with the club also after classes.

You can make changes to the color or graphics directly in the application settings. Besides, it is possible to adapt the application's appearance in an advanced manner to the club's needs, which we make at the client's request.

Downloading the application is always free for club members. Clubs using the application pay a monthly subscription following the applicable price list. Launching the application in the club and advanced customization of the application's appearance are additionally paid services.

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