Christmas promotion in a fitness club – how to do it perfectly?

The best selling time is coming. It is also the last moment to plan promotional activities for the fitness club. In pre-holiday campaigns, don’t forget about the possibilities offered by the software you use to manage the club!

Whether and what variant of pre-holiday promotion you decide on depends on your brand strategy. In this article, we will tell you about two proven methods used by fitness clubs’ managers.

In the eFitness system, you can take advantage of several promotion models. These include gift vouchers, discount codes as well as membership promotions, and a price threshold scheme. When planning pre-holiday campaigns, the first two options should interest you the most.

Gift vouchers

Holidays are the perfect time to take care of your loved ones. Your club members also know it. More and more people are aware of the importance of physical activity in preventive health care. A membership to a fitness club or yoga school it’s a perfect gift idea!

Create a voucher for the selected membership, thanks to which the club member will buy it as a gift for a loved one. In the system, you can set the active dates of the discount code visible on the voucher and for which tickets from the list the discount code works. You can specify what is to be discounted – e.g., all installments or only the entry fee. Then you choose whether the discount should be an amount or a percentage.

We all like simplicity. Ideally, the voucher can be purchased online! Remember that in the eFitness system, it is possible to set up the purchase of a gift voucher in the Online Member Area. To activate this function, enable the option to purchase a gift in the Online Member Area – see how to do it here. From now on, club members can buy a gift voucher even via smartphone! For this purpose, the club member goes to the “Buy a gift” tab in the Online Member Area and selects the gift they are interested in. After completing the purchase, the discount code assigned to the voucher is automatically sent to the e-mail address provided.

You can do it! Here you can check how to prepare gift vouchers step by step.

Discount codes

Most of us like price cuts and we love to use them. So it may also be an excellent time to decide on purchasing a fitness club membership in a promotional offer.

In the eFitness system, as in the case of gift vouchers, we have the option of creating discount codes in many configurations. Choose, among other things, in what time range the code is active and for which membership this code will work. You can also define the type of discount, i.e., what is to be promoted, e.g., all installments or only the registration fee – the kinds of discounts can be combined. Also, remember that the discount you allocate can be either an amount or a percentage. The club member can use the discount code in the Online Member Area or in the club.

In addition, you can, for example, limit the code to be used a certain number of times and then share it on your social media, so you can be sure how many people will benefit from the discount.

Here you can read the full instructions on how to create and use discount codes for memberships.

Remember that any promotion will have no effect if it is not well communicated. Use all the channels at your club’s disposal – from social media to direct messages to club members and potential members in your database. Use the sending of email and SMS messages, which you can easily prepare in the eFitness system. Good luck!

Written by
Asia Balicka