How is it to change a fitness club management system?

Finding a reliable management system that meets all the needs of your club is not an easy task. We know it. The first choice may not always be the right one. Luckily, you can always change your mind. Therefore, this article will tell you how it looks like migrating from another system to the eFitness System.

First of all, don’t worry. It’s easier than it sounds. Switching from another system to eFitness and data migration is our standard procedure. We make it often.

What awaits you when you decide to upgrade to eFitness? We’ve described the process step by step!

Training – eFitness System in use

At eFitness, we take the process of introducing new clients very seriously. This stage is crucial – we want to make sure that you get to know our System as a new user and that you can efficiently perform your work in the club. Therefore, we always prepare training in the eFitness System taking into account your individual needs. Such activity usually takes a full working day.

The eFitness Knowledge Base, where you will find helpful articles and video tutorials, is also at your disposal. Throughout the time you use our services, you also can contact the Helpdesk Department using the Ticket System.

Configuration and options

The next step is the configuration of the eFitness System and the activation of the Online Member Area. You can also decide to add an extra solution – a mobile application for your club members. The eFitness App is free for club members. However, if your club members may use it, the club should have the application turned on. Access to the application is an additional paid option.

If required, we also connect fiscal printers (a Windows operating system is required to connect a fiscal printer). We also help in the process of starting online payments in the fitness club.

A club that is already operating with automatic access control or is planning to introduce access control elements can also count on our support. We have been successfully combining the eFitness System with access control solutions for years. Access control elements are priced individually according to customer needs.

Data migration

Remember that you can import a lot of data from previous software – it all depends on your needs. We will help you with the entire process. During the transition to the eFitness System, our Helpdesk department will accompany you, provide support and all the necessary information to carry out a smooth import. Notably, during the implementation, you receive a tutor’s help from us for the first month of operating on the eFitness System – this is our standard procedure, for which you do not pay extra.

If you have used the software installed on your computer before, we remind you that the eFitness System is available online without any installation. Instead, you receive your online instance and access data from us. To use the System, you only need a device with Internet access – it can be a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone (running on the iOS or Android operating System).

The eFitness System means constant development and improvements. As a client of our software, you can count on it. We inform about new products implemented in the System through system messages and the “News” tab in the Knowledge Base. The source of knowledge about new developments in the System are also mailings sent to eFitness users.

Do you want to know more? Then, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Asia Balicka