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How to re-engage your members efficiently? Communication is the key! (2/2)

Asia Balicka, 14 Jul 2020 / < 1 min reading

Having the right re-engagement strategy is essential after lockdown. However, you have to communicate it effectively to your members using as many channels as possible to reach their attention. The range of possibilities is big: emails, SMS, push-notifications,

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How to reengage your members efficiently? Choose the right strategy! (1/2)

Asia Balicka, 9 Jul 2020 / < 1 min reading

After months of stay-at-home orders because of the pandemic, club members can return to your club again. However, they can already feel overloaded with all the new information about sanitary restrictions imposed on clubs. As a consequence, club members can lose the motivation to get back to regular training in fitness centers.

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Everyone likes promotions - club members too!

Asia Balicka, 7 Jul 2020 / 2 min reading

Summer holidays have always been a difficult time for the fitness industry. How to encourage members to return to the fitness training in the club? How to interest new people?

Summer holidays without customers? Definitely not!

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Everything about reservations and group classes

Asia Balicka, 29 Jun 2020 / 2 min reading

The clubs have been reopened. The report generated based on general eFitness load statistics shows that the situation looks better and the percentage of returns tends to the results achieved a year ago. Group classes are one of the elements that most encourage you to return to the fitness club.

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Group classes during a pandemic time - 5 awsome tips

Asia Balicka,
10 Nov 2020

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30 Oct 2020

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Asia Balicka,
13 Oct 2020