Discover five tools for effective sales in the fitness club

Regardless of the chosen sales strategy, using the right tools is of great importance. A dedicated system that collects data, organizes it and facilitates its management may be helpful.


Have you tried to sell your fitness club services online? By running a marketing campaign, you can easily reach customers with your offer using the Online Member Area, which is part of the eFitness system. If you want to know more about online sales and the Online Member Area, read here.


Use the help of your clients to encourage other people to exercise in your club! The referral system is a great tool to appreciate existing customers and increase the number of club members. In addition, discount codes and vouchers are a great motivation for exercising, and for you another opportunity to sell. Read here if you want to know more about using discount codes for classes and contracts and creating contract promotions and gifts.


It is worth browsing the customer database and encouraging the return of those who already know your club and currently do not have active contracts. You will find many automation options in the eFitness system. It is worth using the step-by-step customer reactivation path to maximize the effectiveness of your activities.


An integral part of the eFitness system is the CRM module, which organizes essential data and presents it clearly, making it easier to plan daily activities. For example, using this module, you can quickly check sales results and set actions for specific groups of employees. Moreover, the sales funnel will show you on an ongoing basis at what stage the activities are carried out, thus supporting effective sales.

If you want to know more about how the eFitness system can help your daily work, please read the Knowledge Base or contact our friendly team.

Written by
Asia Balicka