Just GYM

Polish Gym Chain shares JUST how useful eFitness is!


The eFitness team caught up with Polish Gym Chain Just GYM to find out what life is like for them using our eFitness software. Chief Executive Officer Paweł Ciszek shared with us that the building blocks of their winning strategy are the efficiency and automation they get from their software provider –

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Total Fitness

eFitness provides a TOTAL solution for Warsaw Gym Chain


Total Fitness gym itself is both a modern gym and fitness centre and offers the perfect environment for all health enthusiasts. A typical Total Fitness site comes armed with extensive top-quality gym floor space and equipment,

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CrossFit 12U1 Wilanów

CrossFit gym shares how eFitness is driving their community spirit


Here at eFitness, we value the importance of a strong working relationship with the operators we work with, and that’s why we decided to head to Warsaw to interview the Co-Owner of CrossFit 12U1 Wilanów,

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