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13 valuable tips before reopening the fitness club

Asia Balicka, 19 May 2021 / 2 min reading

We have prepared a list of 13 things that are worth checking before reopening the fitness club. Be ready!

  1. First of all, access control. You don’t want your clients to get stuck before entering the club. If you have automatic access control,
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7 Reasons to Use the eFitness App

Asia Balicka, 10 May 2021 / 2 min reading

For over half a year, many clubs, and above all, many club members, are eagerly using the new eFitness App. In times of many restrictions in terms of fitness classes and limitations in filling up the rooms in clubs, the application turned out to be a valuable and effective tool in everyday work.

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Spring Cleaning in the system - List of 7 Things to Check Out!

Asia Balicka, 19 Apr 2021 / 2 min reading

Spring is coming! It is worth thinking about cleaning up. Especially for you, we have prepared a list of things that should be “cleaned” in the system.

Warehouse. Make an inventory and check for products that you no longer use.

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Manager's roles and tasks - planning and reporting based on data

Asia Balicka, 26 Feb 2021 / 2 min reading

One of the main tasks of a fitness club manager is to keep the finger on the pulse and make the right decisions based on data analysis. However, what data should you take into account?

What reports to check?

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How is it to change a fitness club management system?

Asia Balicka,
20 Oct 2021

Mobile application in the fitness club. What are the advantages for club members?

Asia Balicka,
12 Oct 2021

News in the mobile application

Asia Balicka,
1 Oct 2021