How to reengage your members efficiently? Choose the right strategy! (1/2)

After months of stay-at-home orders because of the pandemic, club members can return to your club again. However, they can already feel overloaded with all the new information about sanitary restrictions imposed on clubs. As a consequence, club members can lose the motivation to get back to regular training in fitness centers. Find out some tips that will help you reengage your members efficiently and help them to return to their fitness routines.

When members return to the club treat them as new members. After months of reduced physical activity or even no activity, it can be challenging to get back to the old routine. So, you have to think about creative ways to reengage them. Show your members how to effectively get back to their fitness training.

Start with a personalized induction program. Your management software can provide you with segmented data in seconds. Here are just a few basic ones that will help you:

  • Member activity before Covid-19
  • Gender
  • Age

That information will allow you to create different programs that are going to be helpful for your members. A good program can consist of a series of emails and dedicated group classes that can help to get back to the training routine.

Instead of saying “come back, our clubs are open” you can communicate rather “our clubs are open and we have special programs to help you get back to your fitness routine.”

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Written by
Asia Balicka