5 useful tips before reopening the fitness club

We have prepared a list of 5 things that are worth checking before reopening the fitness club. Be ready!

First of all, access control. You don’t want your clients to get stuck before entering the club. If you have automatic access control, start the servers, test card or fingerprint, and go through all the gates in the club. It is very important for club members to enjoy access to the club. 

In the next step, organize your bar sales. Start the fiscal printer and then check the inventory levels.

The class schedule interests your club members the most. You can set class schedules from the club’s start date. Ensure visibility of classes in the Customer Area and set the entry limit for classes. 

Tickets and payments. Especially now, when additional restrictions have been imposed, it is worth automating some of the activities. Thanks to online ticket sales and recurring payments you will gain a lot of time for organic work in the club. 

Contact club members. Set automatic sending of notifications and emails. This is a special moment to remind club members to re-open clubs. Don’t forget about the potential and lost customers! It’s worth looking reports on suspended and frozen contracts or indebted club members.

Were you able to uncheck all points on the list? Great! Now it’s time for a great opening and solid training. We keep our fingers crossed for restarting your club!

Written by
Asia Balicka