Everyone likes promotions – club members too!

Summer holidays have always been a difficult time for the fitness industry. How to encourage members to return to the fitness training in the club? How to interest new people?

Summer holidays without customers? Definitely not!

A good argument that goes to customers is the basis. Prepare separate communication for current and lost club members and another one for new fitness adepts. Experienced members already know the advantages – remind them about it! Focus on education among new and potential customers – present the benefits of exercising at the club, and then make sure they don’t feel lost on the first day at the club.

First of all, make your members and potential customers aware. People who exercise often indicate health as the biggest motivation to visit a fitness club. Convince the disbelievers! Preparing the body for a difficult autumn and winter period may be the best protection. If you are concerned that the argument about health benefits is not enough, then you have something else on hand. 

Promotions, coupons, discounts … What tools to use?

We all love promotions. Nothing helps you make a purchasing decision as well as a promotion. Before you start creating a promotional campaign, check what tools you have at your disposal. In the eFitness system, you will find unlimited possibilities to create promotions and discounts. See what options you have to choose from!

Special Agreement Offer

You can create agreement promotions not only for new customers but also for regular club members. Choose from various types of promotions, administrative fee, and much more. Setting the automatic addition of promotions will significantly facilitate your daily work. 

Discount codes 

The member can use the discount codes both independently by the Customer Area and at the reception desk. You decide which code pool is available and for which membership there are active codes. What can be promoted? The system gives you full freedom – you can combine discounts and decide whether they are discounts in amounts or percentages. The codes can be random or you can add a prefix to them (e.g. “summer” or “Facebook”), which will allow better management of promotional campaigns. Share information about codes on your club’s social media channels. This is a very simple and effective way to gain customer interest!

Discount codes for classes

An interesting option are also discount codes for classes. Club members can use them by signing up for classes through the Customer Area and paying for them using the Pay As You Go method. Remember that you can also assign discount codes to online classes! You decide the number of codes granted and how many times one code can be used. You can check how many codes have been used at any time. It’s easy! 

Effective promotion means good communication 

No promotion will be effective unless it is well communicated to customers! Set up email and SMS sending to customers. The summer holiday is also a great opportunity to fight for the attention of people who have never used the services of a fitness club! Remember that it’s also a time when you should think carefully about your strategy for September and October. Then interest in club services increases significantly – be ready and prepare a competitive offer.

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Written by
Asia Balicka