How to re-engage your members efficiently? Communication is the key! (2/2)

Having the right re-engagement strategy is essential after lockdown. However, you have to communicate it effectively to your members using as many channels as possible to reach their attention. The range of possibilities is big: emails, SMS, push-notifications, social media, blog, phone calls.

Professional tools will help you to send messages through the right channels to the right members at the right time.  Of course, not all your members will read your email newsletters or see your social media posts. Use different channels at the same time to increase the chance of being noticed by your club members.

Segmentation and advanced personalization support efficient communication

It is worth preparing a campaign targeted at specific recipients’ needs. First, choose the appropriate groups according to the criteria that are important to you. Then, write a personalized message for the selected group.

How to do the right segmentation? You can get an idea from the list below. Remember, the better you prepare a group, the better results you will get.

  • Member status – active member, frozen member, new member, ex-member, a member with dept, etc.
  • Type of the members combined with member activity
  • Low users/Heavy users
  • Additional services that members are using

Tools can help

The key to a successful re-engagement campaign is a good strategy combined with segmented members’ data, advanced personalization, and automation. A professional club management software eFitness will allow you to do that just in seconds. The goal is one – increasing the number of people that return to the club after the lockdown.

Written by
Asia Balicka