Group classes during a pandemic time – 5 awsome tips

We don’t want to write again that difficult times have come, tomorrow’s uncertainty, and limited fitness industry opportunities. We suggest looking at the situation with an open mind and finding a way to go further anyway. Take the chance! Be closer to club members, be creative, be active! This article will show some practical tips on using the available tools and organizing group activities in your fitness club.

Consider the hybrid offer

You have certainly prepared for the new season, took into club members’ needs, and created the best possible offer. Is it still valid?

Perhaps you have already introduced online classes to your schedule – if not, go to work! Your club members are waiting for it! Even if you still run part of your club’s group classes, consider a hybrid approach to schedule management in your club. On the one hand, it is a global trend, as mentioned in the previous article. On the other hand, it is an opportunity to run a business despite the restrictions.

The eFitness System is integrated with Google Hangouts Meet, an online meeting platform. You can easily place online classes in your schedule. Moreover, you can even record an ongoing meeting and play it back repeatedly. Maybe it would be a good idea to upload recorded classes that have already taken place online into your schedule? Thanks to this, club members will use them often, and you will not miss a thing. You can read more about online group lessons here.

Set limits in the club and the room

Sanitary guidelines and restrictions do not spare fitness clubs, even though the club’s activity has always been related to a particular sanitary regime. In addition to the broadly understood disinfection, we have to deal with a reduced number of club members, by the guidelines. How to embrace this topic if this number is subject to change at any time?

Use the entries limits option in the system – you can freely change the values ​​according to your needs. Additionally, when signing up for classes, you can set an adequate number of people – it will be convenient for club members. Don’t forget to put enough people on your waiting list. This simple move will, on the one hand, provide you with a full classroom. On the other hand, it will indicate which activities are the most popular. Why not increase the availability of these classes and make them available online?

Complete the descriptions of classes and instructors

Your team and offer are now the actual superpowers of your club. Take a moment to complete the data to show your best side. Encourage club members to stay in touch and sign up for specific classes with a selected instructor. The club’s community is now crucial in keeping the retention at the level. Do you have the best instructors who run the best classes? Don’t hesitate to tell the world about it! If you need help, please visit our knowledge base.

Start signing up via the application

Contactless is a keyword of the present day. On the one hand, we want to stay connected. On the other hand, we have to obey restrictions. Mobile applications have found their way into our smartphones for good and make our functioning much more comfortable.

Have you already tried the new eFitness App? We have adjusted the functionalities to meet the current needs of fitness clubs better. It is worth taking advantage of the option of signing in for classes, the possibility of a waiting list, and payments.

If you want to know more about the application, read here, or contact us.

Encourage club members to use the mobile application

All your actions make no sense if you do not inform club members about them. Be in constant contact via social media, sending emails, or text messages. Please encourage them to use your club’s offer and sign up for classes via the application. You can use ready-made materials for the promotion of the application, which can be found here. You don’t have to hang the poster in the club right away. Start by sending a mailing or make a Facebook post with attractive graphics.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any help.


Written by
Asia Balicka