The new reality – different means worse?

Let’s be clear – technology will never replace a real fitness club. However, in the uncertain times that face the fitness industry, it could prove to be an ally. Nothing can replace the club atmosphere, but technology will add a new dimension to the member experience.

Hybrid models

Hybridity is a trend word that has entered the fitness industry. It was loud about it during the European Health & Fitness Forum 2020 conference this year’s online edition of the FIBO fitness fair. The phrase hybrid models – brands appeared like a mantra in almost every speech. Club chain operators in Europe repeated the claim that COVID-19 had accelerated the development of home fitness activities and increased demand for hybrid operating models where the club offers online and offline services.

How do the greatest brands implement this postulate? First of all, fitness chains such as Basic-Fit focused on developing platforms with live streaming long before the lockdown. They also took care of the development of the mobile application. These simple solutions allowed them to organize events (such as “Home fitness day”) that gathered thousands of club members in front of monitors. However, the most important conclusion was that many more people were using online solutions after the restart of clubs than before the lockdown.

Regardless of the prevailing epidemic situation, technology can help you stay in touch with club members 24/7 and respond to their training needs irrespective of day and circumstances. It also allows personalizing the club members’ experience and helps to maintain training habits. It is only up to you whether you make the technology your ally.

To introduce a hybrid model of operation in your club, you do not need large investments. Use the tools you have at hand.

New offer – new possibilities

Technology has gained a few points ahead in the race for active people’s interest in recent months. Of course, the lockdown, closure of clubs, some club members’ fears, and compliance with social distancing rules affect new trends. What can you do? Meet the club members’ actual needs, remember about them, and offer online classes.

Freezing passes and giving up the fight to continue is not the only option at your disposal. Club members want to stay with you, enjoy physical condition and health. Remind yourself why you started and what is your club’s mission – you help women feel beautiful, support high-performance players, or maybe reset after a hard day’s work? Remember about your values ​​and prepare an offer adapted to the new conditions. A unique online offer may turn out to be an exciting substitute for a standard membership.

Besides fitness classes, you can conduct personal training and dietary advice on the virtual fitness platform. The content you create is valuable. You put a lot of work, so don’t be afraid to give it to clients for a fee. Be available to club members and support them. 

Quality above all

Especially now, make sure that the content for regular club members retains quality. This solution enables an individual approach, the possibility of consultation, and direct contact with the trainer. And you do not lose influence because you have control over that the classes reach only active club members.

In the eFitness system, you will find many options for creating tickets, discount codes, and promotions, thanks to which your offer will respond to your club members’ needs. Be creative!

It is crucial to maintain high-quality services after even a partial transfer of your business to the web. In addition to a reliable platform for conducting online classes, it is worth providing participants with an Online Member Area, where they can find a class schedule and will be able to make reservations for classes and pay for passes or single entries.

Suppose you use the possibilities of the mobile application for this. In that case, you can be sure that this solid foundation will allow you to continue the club’s operation and maintain contact with club members regardless of the conditions.

Where some see obstacles, others see an opportunity. The new reality may turn out to be an opportunity to build an even better and fuller customer relationship with your club.

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Written by
Asia Balicka