#7 episode | Core pillars of fitness franchise business expansion. How to grow from 1 to 51 franchise clubs?




In this episode of the eFitness Meets Business podcast, we talk to Łukasz Dojka, CEO at Xtreme Fitness Gyms in Poland. You will learn from the interview about the core pillars of fitness franchise business expansion. In addition, Łukasz talked about what led him to the idea of creating his fitness club franchise.

Łukasz built a company culture that allowed Xtreme Fitness Gyms to grow from 1 to 51 franchise clubs – an impressive result. The owner gives tips to small operators thinking about changing to a franchise model, talking about the first steps.

But what is the biggest challenge with growing a business? Łukasz points out that it is leadership and developing people:

“Leadership is one of the most difficult tasks in the organization, and it’s very needed in the large organization. Once you have the leadership, like the leadership growth structure in place, then that’s you’re very dangerous in the marketplace. You have the whole environment of people growing and bringing people with you. You’re making sure people are developing; they have a way of growing within the organization. So obviously, it starts in the central office when you have a small team of leaders, they understand what leadership is, they’re growing as a leader (…). And this is what we actually talk about a lot in Xtreme Fitness and especially in the central office and we try to transfer that also to other teams.

So when you have a franchisee who is getting into that environment and (…) once he understands the leadership it’s core and he needs to develop leadership skills, then you have a business partner who will scale the business further.”

We also touched upon the core pillars of building a great team and company culture that fuel fast franchise growth, finding an answer to the crucial question: How to scale the business?

So if you are thinking about starting a business in a franchise model or simply looking for business inspiration from the fitness industry – listen to the podcast! Lots of inspirational content guaranteed!


Łukasz Dojka

CEO of Xtreme Fitness Gyms

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00:00-09:07 – Intro. How to start a fitness franchise business?
09:08-14:36 – Core pillars of fitness franchise business expansion
14:37-18:10 – Leadership skills in a large fitness organization
18:11-22:29 – Soft skills as a tool in the business development process
22:30-27:58 – How to learn to be a leader and inspire others?
27:59-31:03 – Common beliefs of small club operators
31:04-35:32 – Book club as a part of the leadership meeting in a fitness company
35:33-47:31 – How to start a fitness franchise business – the most important tips


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