#9 episode | How to build, and develop a great team for gym success!




In this episode, we talk to Maciej Kupis, Well Fitness Clubs Director. Well Fitness is a chain of 20 well-equipped fitness clubs all over Poland. In the conversation, we focused mainly on issues related to managing a large team. Daily Maciej manages a 400-person team of the fitness club chain.

Managing the team in the fitness clubs is quite challenging – so how do it right?
Maciej shares his key lessons learned from team management and tells us how to define the mission and core values for the whole team.

Also, we talk about the important element, which is the recruitment process. How to find the right people? As Maciej advises, think about what you want your fitness concept to stand out. Where do you want to be, and how to differentiate from competitors? And it all depends on whether you are looking for the perfect employee for a fully automated club or a club with exceptional customer service.

Maciej pointed out that a club manager is a key leader in the company. Why are they so crucial?

“If you want to build a consistent chain of fitness clubs, then you need to have great club managers.

To me, a club manager is a key leader in the company because he or she is your eyes and ears in his or her club. This club manager onboarding is a key process actually just after the recruitment in our company. Because long term, it’s just my experience, the club team is a direct reflection of the club manager. So if the club manager is, for example, negative, moans a lot, then after a year or long term in general, you will observe that all the team members are exactly the same.

On the other hand, if the club manager is really customer focused, if she or he has great energy, then all the team members behave in the same way.”

Other essential topics we discussed during the podcast are the elements of good onboarding of a fitness club employee. We also discussed how to set consistent priorities for the entire company when managing a large team and ensure everyone is on the same page.

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Maciej Kupis

Director of Well Fitness clubs in Poland

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00:00-02:42 – Introduction
02:43-03:37 – About Well Fitness Clubs. What is the strategic advantage?
03:38-09:07 – Key lessons learned from team management. How to define the mission and values?
09:08-10:53 – Onboarding for gym employees – how to do it right?
10:54-12:35 – Club manager as a key leader in the company. Fitness club management onboarding process
12:36-15:34 – Elements of good onboarding
15:35-19:45 – When a person does not fit into the team – underperforming and the importance of feedback
19:46-24:07 – How to motivate club managers?
24:08-31:38 – Consistent priorities for the entire company – how to ensure everyone is on the same page? Involving employees in all processes launched in the company
31:39-37:42 – Collecting feedback from club members about the customer service – NPS system and surveys


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