#11 episode | Retention strategy. How to make half of your member base be with you for more than 5 years




In this episode, we talk to Petra Tyrpeklová, General Manager at Balance Club Brumlovka in the Czech Republic. The premium fitness and wellness facility has a spa zone and high-end design.

What also distinguishes the club is its great club member retention. How do they make the customers stay in the club for an extended period? This is the main topic of our podcast.

We also talked about the membership structure types in the fitness facility, the differences between them, and how they respond to customer needs. But equally important is the role of building community in the club, being with the members and listening to them:

“In fitness, it’s about speaking with the people. (…) And I think it doesn’t work if you are a manager only with your computer in the office, you have to be together with the people. That’s it.”

What else is essential when maintaining high retention in a premium fitness club? During the conversation, we focused on the strategy and what things to do to make sure that members will stay for longer. And results that the one part of the best retention strategy is having actually mapped out the onboarding process. Since you have a lot of services in the onboarding process, you should try to make sure that all the members try all the services, such as a PT session on the floor and in the swimming pool etc. to be sure that they can start their fitness routine.

At Balance Club Brumlovka, they also have a great way to increase the commitment of new club members. Each new customer receives a “Welcome pack”. What is this?

“If you become a member, you get a welcome pack, so it means we contact you with the term of diagnostics, and personal training with our trainer, you get physiotherapy, massage, and training session in the swimming pool. So, we will contact you and help you to adapt in our club. It is for everyone, because we want to help all our newcomers to support them at the beginning.”

What are the main profits of such a solution? From the start, new club members get to know all the advantages and solutions available in the club! As a result, their attachment to the club is much faster, and lasts longer.

Interestingly, the Balance Club Brumlovka has no extra advertising outside the club and no calls to leads. What works is the recommendation of members.

What are the other things you can do to get club members with you? From the podcast you will learn about the health club’s loyalty program and its 5 levels. How does it work, and how does it affect club members’ satisfaction and retention? Listen to the full episode!


Petra Tyrpeklová

General Manager at Balance Club Brumlovka in the Czech Republic

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00:00-02:06 – Intro
02:07-03:54 – About Balance Club Brumlovka premium fitness club. How big is the club, and what is its strategic advantage?
03:55-07:38 – What does the fitness club’s sales process look like? How to find new members?
07:39-08:37 – How to advertise the club? How important are the recommendations of club members?
08:38-12:02 – What does the conversation with the potential client look like? How to lead this person into becoming a member of a fitness club?
12:13-15:41 – Onboarding process at the fitness club.The role of the ‘Welcome pack’
15:42-18:04 – Types of membership in the fitness facility and differences between them
18:05-20:16 – Retention strategy. What to do to make sure that members will stay for longer?
20:17-24:25 – Loyalty program in the health club. How does it work?
24:26-26:43 – How to ensure that fitness club staff is engaged and motivated? The importance of human interaction and service in the premium fitness club
26:44-34:18 – The role of building community in the club


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