#6 episode | How to automate whole gym operations and still maintain a great customer experience




In this episode of the eFitness Meets Business podcast, we talk to Ágúst Ágústsson, the CEO of Reebok Fitness in Iceland.

Reebok Fitness clubs are well known for automation processes. From the episode, we will learn about their strategic advantage and how it is possible to automate whole gym operations and still maintain a great customer experience.

Gusti talked to us about his approach to automation and walked us through the different automations that they have at Reebok Fitness:

We would like to automate as much as possible and spend what we save on automation to improve the service that helps members to reach their goals. That’s the approach. We have automated most since day one. From the beginning have been focused on automation. We only accept debit or credit cards. We are online registration, so you can’t automate going to the bank. We have never accepted any cash and since every payment is received electronically and we are automatically booked into the ERP system and there’s no end of the day, someone has to do anything.

At Reebok Fitness, they automate not only financial processes but also use iris scanners during the control of members’ entrances to the gym. So what does the entering process look like? Members buy the membership online and then have different access to different parts of the offering. When they purchase it, they get a welcome email or text message. Then they come to the club, and there’s also self-service there. They enter a unique PIN received via text message and scan their iris. And as Gusti sums it up:

That process takes the member about 20 to 25 seconds when he shows up to a club.

We also talked about the savings that automation brings to the club and what feedback about automation they receive from club members. How to make sure people have a great experience using an automated gym? How does it work, and what are the advantages?

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Ágúst Ágústsson

CEO at Reebok Fitness, Iceland

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00:00-02:56 – Intro
02:57-04:04 – What does the fitness industry look like in Iceland? What’s the competition?
04:05-07:01 – What are your market segment and strategic advantage?
07:02-08:01 – Welcoming atmosphere and gym for everyone
08:02-09:12 – How to make people feel welcome in the gym?
09:13-11:09 – What is your approach to automation? Focus on automation in the fitness club
11:10-13:09 – Iris scanners in the gym
13:10-14:15 – Automation of financial processes
14:16-23:43 – Outsourcing customer service and helpdesk in the gym. How does it work, and what are the advantages?
23:44-25:25 – Automation in the gym – what is the feedback from club members?
25:26-29:07 – How to make sure people have a great experience using your gym?
29:08-33:42 – Savings from gym automation


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