#5 episode | How to properly implement a mobile strategy in your fitness club and increase profits




In this episode of eFitness MEETS BUSINESS, we talk to Michael Kabat, Business Development Executive at eFitness.

We spoke about a mobile application in fitness clubs. Why is it worth having an app for my fitness business? What are the pros and cons? And how to get the most out of having an app? Also, we discuss how to think strategically about mobile application and how introducing a mobile application into fitness clubs can reduce operational costs. As Michael said:

First of all, it could automate many different processes where interaction with a physical person is necessary. By this I mean the checking process to the club, membership management, class reservations and even new membership sales.

And so the question I always ask is: why would you not want to free your employees from these mundane, repetitive tasks and focus them on actions which could technically improve your customer experience, which is what we all want to improve.

So where can we look for ways to lower your gym operating costs with the help of the app?

An example is if your business uses physical cards to enter the club, interacting QR codes can also save a hefty sum in terms of costs for the cards themselves. In the long run it really amounts to a big amount of money. There are lots of ways that you can remove hardware from the club, and it does actually add up. So basically, I want you to think about all the different processes that you can automate and what hardware you can potentially eliminate by implementing a mobile application.

We also told over the different types of apps on the market that you should consider in your gym. Do you want to know more? Listen to the full episode of the podcast!


Michael Kabat

Business Development Executive at eFitness

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00:00-01:50 – Introduction

01:51-02:59 – Why is it worth having an app for my fitness business? What are the pros and cons?

03:00-07:08 – Mobile first approach to your gym – what does it mean?

07:09-10:41 – How to properly implement a mobile application in a fitness club?

10:42-16:19 – The most important things to prepare in the club for a mobile application

16:20-18:01 – How the introduction of a mobile app to a fitness club can reduce operating costs

18:02-22:45 – Different apps on the market that I should consider for my gym?


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