#4 episode | How to generate 113 new sales from 1 marketing campaign?




In this episode of eFitness MEETS BUSINESS, we talk to Annie Fältman, CEO of 360 Träningscenter in Sweden. We spoke to Annie about her clubs and approach to marketing. What is its success? How do her actions bring such great results, and how to achieve it?

We will go through the entire process of two of their marketing campaigns together. Then, step by step, we will cover the entire campaign with examples of content and its effects.

Here is just an excerpt from Annie’s story:

What we wanted to do was to bring in new members using referrals. (…) So what we did was we sent out to all of our premium members. They are the people who pay more money to come to the club. We ask them to invite three of their friends for a free trial month. (…)

We got these leads, and their friends came and got their free trial month, and we onboarded these leads as if they were new members. We took the time to set them up for good training. And then, at the end of their trial month, we sent out a new text to these “friends” and gave them a good offer on an annual membership.

We got back 439 leads, and out of those, 113 were actually sold.

The result is impressive, isn’t it? We will find out what marketing tools Annie uses in her fitness clubs to achieve such results.

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Annie Fältman

CEO of 360 Träningscenter, Sweden

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00:00-01:43 – Introduction
01:44-02:39 – About 360 Träningscenter clubs. What is the strategic advantage?
02:40-05:30 – Campaign which generated 113 new yearly membership sales
05:31-06:48 – Marketing campaign dedicated to premium club members
06:49-08:11 – Text messages as an effective tool for marketing campaigns
08:12-09:58 – Text messages – how to do it right? Make it simple and easy to respond
09:59-13:18 – “Bring your friend” campaign showcase of the landing page
13:19-15:39 – Free trial month – what does it look like in practice?
15:40-17:35 – A renew membership after a free trial month
17:36-19:54 – Great marketing campaign results – how to sell more memberships?
19:55-24:41 – Bringing members back to the club – renew membership campaign
24:42-28:50 – The role of the landing page in marketing and the customer journey based on it



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