#3 episode | A winning sales strategy. How to successfully run 14 mid-market clubs?




In this episode of the eFitness Meets Business podcast, we talk to Adam Śliwiński, CEO of Total Fitness in Poland.

From the interview, you will learn about the strategic advantages of Total Fitness clubs. One of their main advantages is sales and customer service. How do they bring people to the clubs?

The DNA of Total Fitness has always been on sales and customer service. It’s always been a sales-driven company. That’s what we put focus on. So we are sure that the churn which every company has in our business, the natural churn of current customers, does not kill the company. But you have always a fresh stream of new members who decide to join Total Fitness.

So how do they get new members into the clubs? They focus on two sources of new customers. The first, very important source are referrals:

If you have happy customers and if you know how to use the customer touchpoint to ask for referrals, then you will get referrals. And usually happy customers they don’t refer to people, which are by coincidence there. They refer family members or friends of which they are almost certain that they also are going to like the place where they do their workout.

We focus in the club on that. We have this designed process for this touchpoint. So we know that we will receive these referrals and once we have them, we can put them into another process, which is outbound telephone marketing.
We call those people, we invite them to the club when then another process follows, which is the sales process.

We also touched upon recruiting in a fitness club and keeping a high level of employee motivation. How to successfully hire new sales staff? What kind of person to look for?

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Adam Śliwiński

CEO of Total Fitness, Poland

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00:00-02:14 – Introduction
02:15-04:04 – About Total Fitness. What are the market segment and strategic advantage?
04:05-07:03 – Strengths of Total Fitness clubs – sales and customer service
07:04-09:03 – How to get people to the club?
09:04-13:01 – How to reduce customer churn? How to sell additional products? In-person customer service, touching points inside the club, scripts and training sessions for staff
13:02-16:27 – Focus on execution and keeping motivation high
16:28-20:10 – How to attract new customers to the club? Referrals and marketing campaigns
20:11-23:20 – Referrals, online and offline activities
23:21-25:09 – Ways to increase attendance at group fitness classes and improve sales results
25:10-29:23 – What does the sales process look like?
29:24-32:34 – Hiring new sales staff – what kind of person to look for?


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