#2 episode | How to generate up to 70% of the club’s revenue from Personal Training sales?




In this episode of the eFitness Meets Business podcast we talk to Pål Hauge, the CEO of Studio Jobbsprek in Norway.
Jobbsprek clubs are well known for providing great experiences to club members, always focusing on what is good for the customer’s body. As Pål says:

The next level of personal trainer is screening the body of the customer and trying to convince the client what is the best use of his time.

In the episode we will learn about the Studio Jobbsprek clubs’ strategy and mission, but also how to achieve up to 70% of the club revenue from personal training sales:

When we get the first customer, it’s all about delivering the goods. You have to give and experience above expectation all the time. (…) You need to make sure that the customer feels seen, like you understand the body and you are reflecting and analyzing movements and looking for solutions on their behalf all the time.

Also, we talk to Pål about how to hire PT and have them motivated to constantly provide great customer experience.

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Pål Hauge

CEO of Studio Jobbsprek, Norway


00:00-02:05 – Intro
02:06-12:37 – About Studio Jobbsprek
12:28-15:45 – Jobbsprek clubs’ strategy and mission
15:46-21:30 – Up to 70% of the club revenue from PT sales – how to achieve that?
21:31-24:23 – Providing a great experience for members of the fitness club
24:24-28:15 – Showing the customer the real value of the PT sessions
28:19-31:15 – What does a PT session look like? The philosophy of the Jobbsprek fitness club
31:16-35:46 – How to hire personal trainers and have them motivated to constantly provide great customer experience?
35:49-41:59 – How to convince a client to buy an all-inclusive membership?
42:00-42:52 – People – the most important ingredient in the “secret sauce” of a fitness club


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