Just GYM

Just GYM is a fast-growing chain of fully-automated fitness clubs. Currently, the Gym Chain operates 14 clubs throughout Poland. The clubs are spacious and filled with new and innovative equipment located in 12 different training zones. All of it is available 24 hours, 365 days a year.







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Polish Gym Chain shares JUST how useful eFitness is!


The eFitness team caught up with Polish Gym Chain Just GYM to find out what life is like for them using our eFitness software. Chief Executive Officer Paweł Ciszek shared with us that the building blocks of their winning strategy are the efficiency and automation they get from their software provider – eFitness. We asked the CEO why he chose us in the first place and what benefits he has seen

“When creating the Just GYM concept we wanted to make interactions with our gym a unique and great experience. From all the options available, we chose eFitness management because they provided us with a complete solution for fully automated fitness clubs.”

In terms of the benefits Paweł Ciszek has seen, he had this to say,

“Our decision to partner eFitness was based on fingerprint access control which allows our members to easily buy memberships online or at the kiosk through registering their fingerprint and accessing the club without any need for help from our staff. This efficiency has enabled us to reduce our operational cost which in turn has allowed us to offer memberships at such an attractive price. Most importantly it’s very convenient for our members.”

In order to achieve the incredible value, Just GYM have used the eFitness reporting function to their advantage. Paweł Ciszek pointed out;

“The eFitness reporting analytical tool gives us the numbers and insight we need in order to make strategic decisions. With eFitness dashboards, it’s very easy to spot trends and changes in our business”.

The expanding gym chain provides some of the most modern fitness facilities in Poland, with their multitude of different training zones. It’s no wonder their members are so pleased with the value on offer.