Total Fitness

Total Fitness chain currently occupies 11 clubs in Poland, 8 of which are in the capital city of Warsaw, the most competitive market space in Poland. Dubbed as a ‘mainstream fitness concept with a comprehensive service and product line up’ it’s clear to see why Total Fitness has attracted the attention of the large Warsaw and Gdańsk communities.




Reporting & analytics

Payment processing

Marketing communication

Access control

eFitness provides a TOTAL solution for Warsaw Gym Chain


Total Fitness gym itself is both a modern gym and fitness centre and offers the perfect environment for all health enthusiasts. A typical Total Fitness site comes armed with extensive top-quality gym floor space and equipment, varied fitness classes in an air-conditioned studio, a sauna set up, a modern supplement bar and a fun kindergarten area for toddlers – that’s just to name a few of the core facilities on offer.

Impressed by their set up, we wanted to know exactly why the team at Total Fitness decided to partner with eFitness Software. Here is what Chief Executive Office Adam Śliwiński had to say,

“There are multiple reasons why we deployed the eFitness software solution to run streamlined operations at Total Fitness, but there are three building blocks which make the biggest impact.

Number 1 is usability which our people need to complete routine tasks, without any hassle as quickly as possible.

Number 2 is business process automation, including but not limited to payment processing, debt collection and marketing communications.

Number 3 is reporting and analytics, and the ready to use functionality that allows us to deep dive into our data lake, which grows bigger and bigger each day with every single customer interaction stored by the system.”

Operations Director Krzysztof Kubiak further added;

“When choosing the software it was important for us to know about the flexibility of the software how it can accommodate our access control, membership structure, sales process and business model as a whole – eFitness fitted perfectly, with a modern cloud-based management system, it meant we could grow in a very competitive environment, delivering great membership experience.”

It was great to see an Operator championing the use of automation and showing first hand just how helpful and efficient it can be for streamlining day-to-day operations. As the provider of Total Fitness’ Club Management Software solution, we at eFitness are thrilled to see yet another club experiencing success through our platform and will be proudly supporting Total Fitness in their next steps to greatness.