CrossFit 12U1 Wilanów

CrossFit 12U1 is part of a great community, made up primarily of residents of Miasteczko Wilanów and the surrounding area. The club has 7 members of staff, so it really is the members who make up the community around their CrossFit club.




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CrossFit gym shares how eFitness is driving their community spirit


Here at eFitness, we value the importance of a strong working relationship with the operators we work with, and that’s why we decided to head to Warsaw to interview the Co-Owner of CrossFit 12U1 Wilanów, Łukasz Wysocki.

When asked how the CrossFit gym would describe itself, Łukasz Wysocki responded;

“We are a group of people connected by a passion for fitness and success, whose common determination and courage led us here. With experience gained from various disciplines, we wanted to share our knowledge and skills with the community of Miasteczko Wilanów. You could say we are an explosive mix of energetic people, but most importantly, our focus is on developing and improving our members’ fitness through CrossFit”.

We could clearly see that 12U1 has been really successful in creating a community, so we were keen to know how we had helped to assist. Wysocki’s view was;

“Well, the main way eFitness has helped us by giving us the perfect platform to host our class booking service. As our training is very focused and tailored, we only ever hold a maximum of 9 people at any one time, however, we do have a pretty high demand for classes, especially at peak times. Therefore, in order to operate functionally, we need a system that is robust enough to manage not just class bookings but the waiting list side of things too. eFitness has given us just that”.

On the subject of central support, Wysocki further added;

“eFitness offers magnificent customer service, and the helpdesk team is always on hand to help us in any situation, which is important for us as a small boutique”.

CrossFit 12U1 don’t actually sell memberships online, their reason for this is “We want to ensure our contact is kept with clients face to face”, however, Wysocki did say the eFitness platform has helped his facility to pick the right packages to offer and that they can now process memberships much easier than before.