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Quick safety rules reminder in 5 steps

Asia Balicka, 13 Apr 2021 / 2 min reading

Technological progress has made network security heavily protected using newer and newer methods. Does that mean we can sleep well?

Unfortunately, not entirely. We still hear cases where data falls into the wrong hands, or someone has unlawfully sneaked into accounts or systems.

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Manager's roles and tasks - planning and reporting based on data

Asia Balicka, 26 Feb 2021 / 2 min reading

One of the main tasks of a fitness club manager is to keep the finger on the pulse and make the right decisions based on data analysis. However, what data should you take into account?

What reports to check?

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This year was… 2020 Overview

Konstancja, 7 Jan 2021 / 5 min reading

This year was crazy, to put it mildly. It was like a good action movie with one drawback – unfortunately, it wasn’t a movie.

Everyone knows what this meant for the fitness industry. However, we hope that 2020 has also been a time of many positive changes and new opportunities for you.

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The new look of the eFitness system

Asia Balicka, 22 Dec 2020 / < 1 min reading

The eFitness system will have a new look in mid-January. 

What is changing and what does it mean for users? Only good things. The new look is, above all, even more readable and intuitive, which you will be able to see in a moment.

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New: eFitness Status Page for the great operation of your fitness club

Asia Balicka,
17 Jul 2023

Discover the benefits of logging into the eFitness app via a Mobile App Profile (MAP)

Asia Balicka,
21 Apr 2023

LIVE CHAT in the eFitness system

Asia Balicka,
8 Jun 2022