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6 reasons why your Health Club should be using reccurring payments

joehall, 27 Oct 2019 / 6 min reading

In running a Health Club, you have been blessed with the opportunity to offer a service that customers want to buy repeatedly on a month by month basis – don’t waste it. 

In the UK, most of the larger gym chains are already operating on a recurring payment basis,

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6 Key Benefits of Access Control systems for Health Clubs

joehall, 18 Oct 2019 / 7 min reading

How often do your receptionists become swamped and submerged because members are entering your leisure facility at a rate which is seemingly unmanageable? 

How many times do you find that during the quieter periods, your reception team are sitting around,

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New technologies at FitNation conference

Agnieszka, 27 Sep 2019 / 5 min reading

Let’s assemble in Amsterdam at FitNation! The International Conference of the fitness industry will commence in less than one weeks time, on October 3rd. Taking place over two days, get ready for some gripping talks on innovation and some exciting discussions on hot new trends that have burst onto the fitness,

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Maximising Member Communication: 4 Personality Profiles your Health Club needs to know about.

joehall, 2 Sep 2019 / 8 min reading

True communication goes beyond talking and listening, it is about understanding. 

There’s no denying that communication can be difficult. Imagine a world with perfect communication. There’d be fewer family dramas, less ‘office politics’ and barely any complex marriage breakdowns.

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6 reasons why your Health Club should be using reccurring payments

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