Coming soon – NEW eFitness App

Much more for the club, much more for club members – this is how you can resume the new eFitness application. Why is it worth being interested in the application for fitness clubs?

The first of October,  a brand new mobile application eFitness App, will be launched. Downloading the application is and will always be free for club members.

New quality means, above all, new features.

Schedule of classes and easy registration is the basis

The application allows club members to sign up for group classes that are the heart of many clubs. That makes a difference during the sanitary regulations imposed on clubs.

Want to pay for membership without leaving home?

It’s even convenient with the app! A payment module is waiting for club members in the eFitness app. Above all, it is possible to buy passes and additional services of your club directly via your smartphone.

Monitoring progress

Thanks to the application, the club member gains the ability to track his training progress. It’s not only a convenience for club members but also a way to better retention in the club!


What else can positively influence the motivation of your club members to exercise?

The answer is simple – their friends! The eFitness App connects to Facebook to show who of your friends is on the club right now.

Branding matters

Additionally, the eFitness App gives your club the ability to customize look and feel, making the app coherent with your branding. You can define colors and logos, photos, and other elements necessary to identify your brand. All this in a modern and user-friendly application interface.

A modern application in a fitness club allows you to strengthen the position of your club and even better care for the needs of club members. Try it out!

Need more info about app? Let us know: [email protected]

Written by
Asia Balicka