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They trust eFitness:

Class schedule and bookings

Managing class schedules and bookings is an important element when running a yoga school. The eFitness system has a clear and easy-to-use schedule. We're proud because in a year the eFitness System records over 12 million club entries and nearly 7 million class bookings! Our class schedule gets the job done!

Division into rooms

In the Class schedule, you can easily create a division into rooms, add a description of the class, the instructor and information about the course to which the class is assigned. You can also mark the place where classes are held if your dance school's classes are held in several places.🌕✨

Regular class sign-ups

We know how important regular class participants are. You can recognise their loyalty by using the 'Regular class sign-ups' function. This feature allows you to sign up your regular attendees to classes on a permanent basis, instead of booking them every time. It makes things a lot easier!

Self-booking online

Participants can easily sign up for classes themselves thanks to the online Customer zone or via the eFitness App mobile app! You can also enable sign-ups to a standby list, so the room is always full.

Feedback from users of the eFitness system

I'm most happy with the overall performance of the system, it makes my job easier but I also get feedback from customers that the sign-ups are clear, simple. They don't have to phone anywhere and it's much more pleasant for them to sign up for classes. I prefer the old way and sometimes I inform customers when a class is cancelled, but then they say that they have already received an email from the system.

Rita Włodarczyk, Yoga&Training Place

The system has improved the management of participant sign-ups and class schedules. Club members can purchase passes online and sign up for classes themselves. We appreciate the automatic invoices and reports. The care and commitment of the consultant in setting up and implementing the system and the quick response of the Support Department to requests are of great importance.

Magda Rutkowska, Grace Pole Academy

Online member area

Learn more about the virtual space of your studio. It lets clients see the current class schedule online, sign up for classes, and buy a pass. It is so easy!

The aesthetics of the Customer zone

We know that the physical space of your yoga school is a place where you have taken care of every detail, so the online Customer zone should look beautiful too! In the Online Member Area we can configure a style that matches the visual side of your brand. The background photo, the logo, the typeface or, for example, the colours in the class schedule – these are important elements you can take care of when building a consistent message.

Easy integration into your website

You can easily plug it into your website. And if your school does not yet have its own website, the online Customer zone performs the most important tasks!

Pass sales and payments

Monthly passes, long-term passes, single entries, special events or services. In eFitness, the software for gyms, you can create all the types of passes you need.

One-off payments online and at school

When customers buy products and services online (e.g. passes or yoga sessions), they can pay with cash, card or use BLIK quick payment with a code from the bank's mobile app. Let your customers buy the way they like – also at your yoga school.

Pay As You Go = convenience

The Pay As You Go method is a convenient way to pay for one-off classes. It allows your customers to pay for, say, additional courses such as facial yoga, weekend or one-day workshops. Anyone can pay for such classes, even if they don't have an active pass. It's simple!

Pass for selected classes

In the eFitness system, you can link a pass to types of classes (for example, when you need to purchase an additional pass for more expensive Aerial yoga classes). This great solution will make it easier for you to plan your offer.

Mobile app for class participants

Learn more about the virtual space of your studio. It lets clients see the current class schedule online, sign up for classes, and buy a pass. It is so easy!

Key benefits of the eFitness App:

Class schedule. Let participants sign up for classes they love on their own. Thanks to convenient and quick registration, they can reserve a place for the mat.🧘‍♀️

Cashless payments. Participants can make payments through the app. It's quick and convenient for both parties!

Notifications. You can send notifications to participants for free, such as a reminder about upcoming classes and publish information about new products and special offers.

Branding. An app in the colors of your yoga space? Of course! Even here, participants will feel at home.

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Support and contact

We provide support during the implementation of the system and in the next steps of your adventure with the eFitness system. We are with you every step of the way.

Support Team

System clients appreciate the involvement of our consultants in implementing the system and the brilliant response of the Support Team to notifications.

Support in development

We know how important it is to develop and expand your skills, which is why we have created a Knowledge Base and video tutorials on the system's functionalities. Did you know that our Knowledge Base is visited more than 20,000 times a month!

Visit our knowledge base here.

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