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Class schedule and booking a place in classes

We know that fitness classes are the heart and soul of many clubs. eFitness, the fitness club management software, is perfect for bookings and you have everything under control.

A clear schedule
of classes and PT

W systemie eFitness możesz utworzyć standardowy grafik z dostępnością godzin trenerów, który będzie dostępny online np. na Twojej stronie internetowej. Do dyspozycji masz także wyodrębniony grafik treningów personalnych.

Automatic class sign-ups

Sign-ups and bookings are a time-consuming part of your job. Not anymore! With the eFitness Gym System your customers can sign up for classes via the eFitness App mobile app. Sign-ups happen automatically and you have control over everything with clear information on the Club Member Profile and reports.

Online sign-ups and permanent bookings

The schedule in eFitness, the fitness club software, is clear and easy to use. It also has many additional options such as dividing it into rooms, creating types of classes, assigning an instructor, specifying duration, limit of people and much more. All in one place. This class schedule is a pleasure to use for club members and club staff!

Pass sales and payments

The eFitness fitness club system is ideal for all the most common types of passes, service packages and individual entries sold in training studios. Your customers can pay for services the way they like! You can quickly and easily set up online sales and different payment types. Apart from fast electronic payments, you might want to consider recurring payments and payments for services with PayU's 0% instalments, which are perfect for training studios.

Passes tailored to your needs

In the eFitness fitness club software, you can create entry passes (e.g. a pass with 4 entrances per month), so you can easily sell training packages for a month or more, as well as unlimited and open passes. You can also link the pass to types of classes (e.g. if you need to buy an additional pass for more expensive classes or personal training). This is a great solution that makes planning your offer easier!

In the eFitness system, you can link your pass to types of classes (for example, if you need to buy an additional pass for a more expensive Aerial yoga class). This is a great solution that makes planning your offer easier.

Convenient online and cash payments

Customers can pay for services the way they like! With eFitness gym and fitness club management software, you can quickly and easily introduce different types of payment in your studio. Credit card, cash or online payments are standard. Recurring payments and payments for high-value services with PayU 0% instalments are additional payment methods possible in the service software – eFitness! We know from experience that these work well in training studios.

Feedback from users of the eFitness system

Feedback from eFitness users The strengths are the coaches' schedules by training sector, the ability to create packages, the enforcement of entries and the subscription fee. We have done away with cash payments. We have received a lot of support from Dominika. We feel that we are not alone.

Damian Radowicz, Futbol Elite

The system is intuitive, clear and easy to use. All the important information is in one place and entering club members' details into the system is seamless. I appreciate the possibilities of the schedule, which makes our daily work very easy.

Aneta Grobelna, 36 minut Śrem

Working with 'eFitness' = no stress. Everything under control, everything up to date even when things at work are tough. Available anytime, anywhere, if someone doesn't work with eFitness, they are making a mistake and nobody wants that.

Ireneusz Stepańczyk, Fit Terapia Jarosław

Online member area

Learn more about the virtual space of your training studio. It lets clients see the current class schedule online, sign up for classes, and buy a pass. It is so easy!

Self-booking and pass management

This is the place where your customer can view their dashboard and buy a pass online. A club member with an active pass can independently book a place in a class at any time! In the Online Member Area we can configure a style that matches the visual side of your brand. The background photo, the logo or, for example, the colours in the class schedule – these are important elements you can take care of when building a consistent message.

In the Client member area, we can configure a style corresponding to the visual side of your brand. A photo in the background, a logo, or, e.g., colors in the Class Schedule are essential elements you can take care of when building a coherent message for your swimming pool.

Contact with customers


CRM is a module in eFitness with which you complete the sales process with new customers as well as take care of the relationship with active club members. A note, making a phone call to a customer or a message? Thanks to the TODO list all scheduled tasks are in one place. Efficient communication with customers is facilitated by a well-designed database of club members in the system.

Emails and text messages

No more sending emails and text messages manually! In the eFitness gym system you can automate this process by specifying when and what messages are to be sent. The ability to create templates is also a great advantage. You no longer need additional tools, apart from the system of course, to make your communication with customers easy and effective. On top of that, you can use push messages in the mobile app!

Mobile app for class participants

Thanks to eFitness App, your clients can see the current class schedule, sign up for classes, and buy a pass. All this is available on smartphones at any time. It is so easy!

Key benefits of the eFitness App:

Class schedule. With the eFitness App for class sign-ups, your customers can see the current class schedule, sign up for selected training sessions and quickly buy a pass. Everything is available at their fingertips and at any time. It's very simple! Let participants make their own bookings for the classes they love. With convenient and fast sign-ups, they can freely choose from your offer of classes, individual workouts or consultations, and on top of that, make quick cashless payments.

Cashless payments. Participants can make payments through the app. It's quick and convenient for both parties!

Notifications. You can send notifications to participants for free, such as a reminder about upcoming classes and publish information about new products and special offers.

Branding. An app in the colors of your yoga space? Of course! The application can be consistent with the studio's colors.

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Support and contact

We provide support during the implementation of the system and in the next steps of your adventure with the eFitness system. We are with you every step of the way.

Support Team

We provide support during the implementation of the system and in the next steps of your adventure with the eFitness system. We are with you every step of the way.

System clients appreciate the involvement of our consultants in implementing the system and the brilliant response of the Support Team to notifications.

Support in development

We know how important it is to develop and expand your skills, which is why we have created a Knowledge Base and video tutorials on the system's functionalities. Did you know that our Knowledge Base is visited more than 20,000 times a month!

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