eFitness Scanner the industry's first mobile scanner

Handle queues, check attendance with the app. Eco-friendly, no hardware or plastic cards. All your business on your phone. Free of charge.

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eFitness Scanner Features

Mobile fast track - no readers or computer needed

Manage club entries quickly and intuitively. Just scan the QR code from the club member's eFitness App, and that's it. Additionally, you can check the number of club members at and in classes at any time. Sign up for classes, deselect those already registered, change, reserve, or check where the club member is registered. Complete control over reservations and registration for classes in just a few seconds!

Mobile management of class sign-ups

Scan the eFitness App or search for a club member. Sign up for classes, deselect those already signed up, change, book or check where a club member is signed up. Full control over bookings and class sign-ups in seconds!

Operating a club without a fixed location and without a front desk

If you decide to run a club without a front desk or organise classes outdoors, you can also easily deselect attendance in eFitness Scanner. This is very convenient, especially 5 minutes before a class.

Club management

The eFitness Scanner is a new mobile and eco-friendly solution that is perfect for every model of fitness club, training studio and yoga school. Try it out yourself!

Full control of your club on your smartphone

The ideal tool for busy people. If you don't have time to analyse all the data and graphs on your laptop, the eFitness Scanner mobile app can handle all the crucial tasks. And most importantly, you have full control over what's happening in the club. You can check, for example, the status of club members' passes, their outstanding fees or the training they have purchased.

Reviews from users of the eFitness System

Feedback from eFitness users The strengths are the coaches' schedules by training sector, the ability to create packages, the enforcement of entries and the subscription fee. We have done away with cash payments. We have received a lot of support from Dominika. We feel that we are not alone.

Damian Radowicz, Futbol Elite

The system is intuitive, clear and easy to use. All the important information is in one place and entering club members' details into the system is seamless. I appreciate the possibilities of the schedule, which makes our daily work very easy.

Aneta Grobelna, 36 minut Śrem

Working with 'eFitness' = no stress. Everything under control, everything up to date even when things at work are tough. Available anytime, anywhere, if someone doesn't work with eFitness, they are making a mistake and nobody wants that.

Ireneusz Stepańczyk, Fit Terapia Jarosław

Convenient and easy to use on any device

eFitness Scanner is a mobile application for scanning QR codes. Undoubtedly the cheapest option for managing your entries and classes on the market. All you need is a smartphone or tablet to which you download the app.

Full control of your club on your smartphone

Cost-effective. Undoubtedly the cheapest option for managing your entries and classes on the market. Not only does it reduce equipment costs, but it also saves electricity, resulting in lower electricity bills!

Eco-friendly. Your club members no longer need plastic cards to access their favourite activities. You also save valuable resources! You no longer need specialised equipment, paper documentation or complex infrastructure.

Mobile. You can manage entries/attendance and class sign-ups wherever they take place. You can use the solution if you run outdoor classes, events even if you don't have a standard front desk.

Support and contact

We provide support during the implementation of the system and in the next steps of your adventure with the eFitness system. We are with you every step of the way.

Support Team

An eFitness consultant will teach you how the system works, explain everything, and help, for example, connect online payments.

System clients appreciate the involvement of our consultants in implementing the system and the brilliant response of the Support Team to notifications.

Support in development

We know how important it is to develop and expand your skills, which is why we have created a Knowledge Base and video tutorials on the system's functionalities. Did you know that our Knowledge Base is visited more than 20,000 times a month!

Visit our knowledge base here.

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