Business Intelligence Dashboards

Instantly know the health of your business. Spot trends quickly. Measure your performance and KPI’s. See everything on visually appealing, easy to read dashboards that provide essential insight on how your business is performing.

Key metrics delivering insights into your business fast

Intuitive dashboard with the Key Performance Indicators that matter the most to you. Analyze your data by your club, region, or country. Our advanced access management allows you to grant your employees different levels of permission within the system. Analyze data quickly, conveniently and whether you are wanting to tag customer, create tasks, or communicate with members, act instantly with handy shortcuts to system actions.

Visually explore and analyze data

Segment the data to understand your member's behaviours and let eFitness visualize it for you, so you can see everything clearly and follow up with the appropriate action.

Powered by Microsoft Power BI

eFitness Business Intelligence dashboards are powered by Microsoft Power BI to deliver insights into the health of your business.

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