Increase financial liquidity in your club. Get paid in advance for the whole year.

By using the PayU Installments, you will increase your income and forget about debt collection

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Know the first and only such integration in the fitness industry in Poland.
The eFitness and PayU systems launched a new payment standard on the fitness market,
innovative credit methods, facilities for a fitness club, more excellent sales opportunities, and no debt collection.

PayU Installments

Thanks to the integration of the eFitness System with PayU, you gain access to innovative credit solutions. The entire process is 100% online without certification and in minutes. Financial certainty and no debt collection for the club. More excellent shopping opportunities for club members.

Recurring payments

Recurring payments are a convenient solution, thanks to which you receive regular and timely payments. Moreover, club members don't have to remember payment dates and renewals. They stay with you for longer.

One-off payments

When buying products and services online, you can pay with the same card (debit, credit) as in an ordinary store and use the BLIK quick payment code from the bank's mobile application.

An innovative and pioneering solution for the fitness industry

PayU is Poland's most frequently chosen payment system (Gemius 2019 report). Integration with the eFitness system is an innovative payment and credit solution available for the first time in the fitness industry in Poland. Furthermore, PayU supports fast payment processing with the use of mobile devices, also through the eFitness App.

Why is it worth selling memberships with the option of PayU Installments?


Increase your offer with new services and sell more. Memberships with a credit option are a unique shopping opportunity for Club Members.


Take care of club members and create an excellent offer. PayU Installments improve financial certainty and no debt collection on the club's side.


Selling memberships has never been easier with the eFitness App! In addition, an offer with PayU Installments is available for club members directly in the application.


When club members choose the membership with the PayU Installments option, you get the total amount in advance. After that, installments are settled directly with the bank.


There is an integration between the eFitness system and PayU payments, so you don't have to do any technical and complicated actions. To enable the service, fill out the contact form - we will be happy to help you.

Long-term memberships (semi-annual, annual) and services (e.g., consultations, massages, and personal training) that can be divided into installments. PayU installments are available for purchases between PLN 300 and PLN 50,000.

Each club member can take advantage of this option. The process is 100% online, with no certificates, no talks with consultants, and no paper contracts or courier correspondence. Instead, after completing a short form, the credit decision is made several seconds later.

It is worth informing customers using many communication channels: on the website, next to selected memberships/services and, for example, at the bottom of the page or in the information banner, on-site at the club: e.g., the operator's logo at the reception desk, in social media, as support for an online marketing campaign (banners, posts, advertisements that point directly to the store). The materials you might need are below.

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