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Implement perfectly personalized marketing campaigns and sell more!

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Send notifications and automatic personalized messages based on club members' data and behavior.
Create paths easily, increase sales and club members' satisfaction.

Discover the perfect tool for effective marketing in your club

Automated customer paths

Create your own, personalized club member paths. Based on data and behavior, you will be sure that they will receive exactly the information you want and at the right time. A perfect sales campaign won't take you much time - everything happens automatically.

Individual club member profiles

Please get to know club members and their needs better! Monitor behaviors and activities and create segments based on data and not guesses. Use any number of tags to best profile club members and learn about their involvement and preferences.

Personalized, tailor-made messages

Precise automated marketing campaigns have never been more straightforward with our integration! Marketing Automation will allow you to send exactly what you need to people from the right groups. Your club members will appreciate it!

An example of your club's customer journey

Why should you use marketing automation in a fitness club?


Create an automatic, effective campaign for potential club members using free entries for expiring contracts or selling additional services!


No more sending emails and text messages manually! In the eFitness gym system you can automate this process by specifying when and what messages are to be sent. The ability to create templates is also a great advantage. You no longer need additional tools, apart from the system of course, to make your communication with customers easy and effective. On top of that, you can use push messages in the mobile app!


Knowing the needs and behavior of club members, you can prepare your offer even better. Personalized messages will make them feel great in your club, and they will stay longer.


Make decisions based on data! Automated paths and processes will allow you to understand your campaigns' effectiveness better.

An innovative solution for the fitness industry

The eFitness system offers many options for automatic notifications, mailing, and text message campaigns. To meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, we have integrated the eFitness system with the Active Campaign platform - a world leader in marketing automation. We have joined forces so clubs that use the eFitness system daily can create excellent automatic marketing campaigns and sell more.


Marketing automation means conducting marketing activities using special software and tools to improve sales processes. Thanks to the integration of the eFitness system with the Active Campaign platform, it is possible to use the potential of the club's customer database and create targeted sales campaigns based on their behavior.

The eFitness system has been integrated in such a way as to improve marketing processes as much as possible. Paths (templates) are patterns that, based on the behavior of club customers, perform specific actions at a particular time. There are crazy options available in the system. You can also configure them yourself according to your needs.

Yes. It is necessary to have access to integration (contact us) and the club's customer database.

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