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Optimise your sales process, increase efficiency and focus on what really matters – your customers. Discover the advantages of our CRM tool!

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The most important CRM functions in the eFitness system

The CRM module in the eFitness system is an indispensable tool for success in the dynamic world of the fitness industry.

Intuitive and efficient CRM for your fitness club

Don't miss any opportunities to increase revenue with your sales funnel. Monitor potential customers at every stage of the process – from the first contact to finalising an agreement and purchasing a pass. Thanks to the CRM module you gain greater insight into customer behaviour and adapt your sales activities to achieve maximum results.

Convenient CRM calendar

Plan and organise with pleasure! Managing appointments and phone calls is easier than ever with our CRM calendar. Here you have a quick overview of all scheduled tasks, and you can easily add new activities. Change the date of your meeting, call or other tasks with drag&drop. And have control over your and your employees' tasks!

TODO list for gym employees

Efficiency is all about accurate planning and execution of tasks. Our ToDo list helps you organise and complete your daily tasks. Whether it's a task such as phoning a potential customer, preparing a new agreement or showing club members around as part of their first visit to the club. Manage all your tasks from one place!

Automation of routine tasks

Our CRM is not only a tool for planning the sales process, but also for automating it. This allows you to focus on what's really important – building relationships with your club members – and leave the rest to the system.

Create bulk tasks

Run any report, use filters and easily find the club members you want to contact. Bulk add CRM tasks and assign them to the appropriate employees. Never wonder what to do next.

Automated tasks

Worry no more about missed opportunities or calls with CRM task automation that fully streamlines the work of your sales team. Let the system do most of the work for you.

Lead management

Manage your leads better with an intuitive layout of information. You can see all club members and potential customers you are working on in one view. Keep your finger on the pulse and always know the status of sales in your fitness club.

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