System for fitness club chains.

Solutions for club chains include an extensive reporting module, accounting, and automatic access control for clubs 24/7. Our tools perfectly meet the needs of the largest.

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All in one place

Connecting two or more clubs in a chain allows you to easily administer a shared database of club members, employees and much more! Discover the key capabilities of the connected parts of the eFitness system.

Club members' database

The data of club members and potential customers from all clubs in the chain are clearly presented in one place. You can filter the entire database by, for example, selecting one club from the chain. You can easily check in which club a customer has purchased a pass.

Finances and sales

Common finances for the entire club chain. You can configure online or credit card payment methods for each club. A club member's payments goes to the club where they have an active pass. You define products and services in fitbar once for the entire chain and can easily exchange goods between club warehouses.

Pass policy

It is extremely important for the success of your club. The fitness club software gives you full flexibility when creating chain passes as well as for the selected club. You set payment deadlines, instalment prices, charges, add special offers and check the history of your activities. You can also create common chain-wide entry fees, club card charges and much more!

Chain functions and roles

As a user who is a club owner, you can work on the data of the entire chain and assign employees specific roles in the system.

Employee roles and security of your data

For the security of your business, it is important to assign employee roles such as manager, front desk or instructor with access to selected data in one club or across the entire chain. Entering the allowed IP addresses from which employees can log into the eFitness system further protects the club members' database and the data of the entire chain.

Automation of key activities

Thanks to our solutions you can automate many of the activities necessary in fitness club management. This saves you a tremendous amount of time!

CRM tasks

You can create a sales path for the entire chain for leads and retention activities for current club members and those whose pass has expired. You can also easily enter notes into club members' profiles, make phone calls or appointments, e.g. in the form of introductory training sessions. Your salespeople can work on a common base of club members or on a selected group. Sales stages in the CRM sales funnel can be shared across the chain.

Schedule and sign-ups

A shared database of instructors and class types makes it easier to continue creating schedules for each club. Club members can sign up online for their favourite classes directly from the schedule! This significantly relieves the workload for the front desk and is an essential element if you are planning to open a self-service club. All information is clearly available on the club members' Profile and reports.

E-mails and notifications

In the eFitness system you can send mass emails to your entire base of club members and potential customers and observe the effects of the campaign in reports. Send personalised emails to announce a new special offer or to celebrate a club member's birthday! In addition the creation of extensive mailing trails is made possible by the integration with ActiveCampaign.

Payment methods

Running a chain of clubs requires efficient sales and collection models. Choose the payment methods that are most convenient for you and your club members.

Modern payment models

The most common payment models chosen by club chains are recurring payments, credit card and online payments. The trend is to move away from cash in the club and traditional bank transfers – as eFitness we can help you with this process. Enjoy the convenience of automatic collection in recurring payments and give your business financial stability.

Pass sales

eFitness, the fitness club and gym management software, is ideal for selling all types of passes and service packages in fitness clubs and gyms. Sell in your business model!

All types of passes

In the eFitness fitness club management system, you can create the passes you need, including long-term, indefinite, as well as Open, Student or Senior passes. You can also easily set up entry passes (e.g. a pass with 4 entries per month) and single entry passes. Create offers perfectly tailored to the needs of your club members!

Additional services as part of the pass

In eFitness, you can set up the sale of additional services for the entire network or a single club. The most frequently chosen services in clubs include physiotherapy consultation, solarium, training plan, or body composition analysis, which you can easily assign to your memberships.

Special offers
and discount codes

Take advantage of many opportunities to create automatic and manually added promotions, discount codes in the eFitness system, and gift vouchers for the entire network or selected clubs. Fitness club chains appreciate these solutions! Ensure even more effective sales!

Advanced reports

Chain reports in the eFitness system collect data from all clubs connected to the chain. You can easily filter the data by selected clubs. Define targets and measure your results!

Club and member data

Observe reports on passes, club members, club entries, activity and attendance, as well as reports related to activities in your schedule. Monitor stock management statements such as Sales and Stock Turnover reports.

Control of club finances

Extensive reports related to club finances such as Taxes, Accrued Revenue, Receipts, Sales, Outstanding Payments, Revenue, and Receivables by Period also help you track the condition of your clubs.

Condition of your clubs

On top of this, chain information in the form of summaries, graphs and tables can be checked in the Business Health Check report, where the most important parameters are included to check the health of your clubs, measure their performance and analyse their performance indicators.

Feedback from users of the eFitness system

When creating the Just GYM chain concept, we wanted to make exercising in our clubs a great experience for customers. Our club members expect easy access and want to exercise whenever they want. Managing their passes and booking classes online are of paramount importance to them. With eFitness we can provide them with all of this.

Paweł Ciszek
Just GYM

There are many reasons why we implemented the eFitness system for the purpose of running streamlined operations at Total Fitness. The three most important of these are: the usability our employees need to perform routine tasks. Automation of business processes, including payment processing. Reporting and analytics, as well as a ready-to-use data lake.

Adam Śliwiński
Total Fitness

Operating in the premium segment requires top-notch customer service, and to achieve this we invest in our employees and provide them with the best tools available on the market. One of these is the eFitness system – it has helped us streamline the sales process and automate daily repetitive tasks, allowing employees to spend more time with customers instead of in front of monitors.

Anna Bogucka COO of Holmes Place Poland

Access control solutions for clubs

The eFitness system is integrated into many access control models. We provide the best solutions and can help you choose the best one.

Mobile access control eFitness Scanner

You can equip your front desk area with a membership card reader or a mobile and easy solution such as a QR code reader. You don't have to use a dedicated physical reader – your reader can be your smartphone, with which you can easily reflect your customer's entry into the facility! Find out more about eFitness Scanner

Find out more about eFitness Scanner

Self-service 24-hour club

If you have plans for a convenience such as a 24-hour club or a club without a front desk, with our system you can fully automate your studio or gym! The eFitness system is integrated with a number of access control devices such as biometric readers, gates or locks, which allow you to manage the entrances to your club around the clock or to support your employees if you do not want to do away with the front desk altogether.

Find out what access control models we support!

API and custom branding in the mobile app for club members

The eFitness Frontend API provides everything you need to create your own Online member Area, mobile app for club members or integrate with third-party apps. What's more the eFitness Data Lake API allows you to retrieve information from the eFitness database.

Key benefits of the eFitness App:

Class schedule. Let your participants sign up for the classes they love on their own. With convenient and fast sign-ups, they can book a place in a class, an individual workout or a consultation.

Cashless payments. Club clients can make payments via the eFitness App. It's quick and convenient for both parties!

Notifications. You can send notifications to participants for free, such as a reminder about upcoming classes and publish information about new products and special offers.

Branding. An app in the colours of your training studios. Sure thing! The app can be consistent with your branding colours.

Find out more about eFitness App


Advanced mailing automation or state-of-the-art training solutions? The eFitness system is integrated with the best suppliers so that your club members enjoy a top-quality service!


To meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, we have integrated the eFitness system with the Active Campaign platform - the world leader in marketing automation. The unsupervised integration of both platforms allows us to exchange data in real time and automate communication with customers. We have joined forces so that clubs using the eFitness system on a daily basis can create excellent automated marketing campaigns and sell more.

Mywellness Technogym

The integration of the eFitness System with Mywellness involves automatically uploading the data of club members with an active pass directly into the Mywellness Cloud, which enables additional services such as access to video on demand and live classes, the possibility to watch Netflix on Technogym devices or to book a specific device such as a treadmill or a bike.

Global Payments

The eFitness system is integrated with Global Payments, which provides the world's leading complete commerce ecosystem for companies of all sizes. This unique, connected infrastructure supports every dimension of sales handling billions of transactions each year — securely and seamlessly.

Wsparcie techniczne

We provide support during the implementation of the system and in the next steps of your adventure with the eFitness system. We are with you every step of the way.

Support Team

System clients appreciate the involvement of our consultants in implementing the system and the brilliant response of the Support Team to notifications.

An eFitness consultant will teach you how the system works, explain everything, and help, for example, connect online payments.

Support in development

We know how important it is to develop and expand your skills, which is why we have created a Knowledge Base and video tutorials on the system's functionalities. Did you know that our Knowledge Base is visited more than 20,000 times a month!

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