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We have everything you need to run a dance school, pilates studio or pole dance class! The system performs the routine tasks for you giving you more time!

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They trust eFitness:

Class schedules and booking a place in classes

Managing class schedules and bookings is an important element when running a yoga school. The eFitness system has a clear and easy-to-use schedule. We're proud because in a year the eFitness System records over 12 million club entries and nearly 7 million class bookings! Our class schedule gets the job done!

Clear class schedules and division into rooms

It is easy to create a division into rooms or less standard places in the Class schedule for the practice of yoga, such as outdoor classes in the forest or on the terrace. In the Class schedule you can also mark the necessary moon days for Ashtanga yoga practice.

Automating class sign-ups

Sign-ups and bookings have been a time-consuming part of your job if you've previously used a notebook or spreadsheet. With the eFitness gym system this is much easier and quicker. Your club members receive automatic reminders about, for example, payment deadlines, upcoming classes, sign-outs, changes regarding class dates or instructors, and even birthday and Christmas wishes. As you can see automation saves a lot of your time!

Online sign-ups and permanent course bookings

We know how important courses are in dance schools. You can assign participant passes to specific courses and also add additional services such as a handstand course. You can also create class types and specify their duration. There are many possibilities in the eFitness fitness club system!

Pass sales and payments

The eFitness system is ideal for selling passes in the studio and online. Sell ​​any passes without limits!

Passes tailored to your dance studio

In the eFitness fitness club software, you can create entry passes (e.g. a pass with 4 entrances per month), so you can easily sell training packages for a month or more, as well as unlimited and open passes.

You can also add an Open pass or link the pass to selected types of classes (e.g., to a dance-chosen course).

In the eFitness gym management software, you can create entrance passes (e.g. a pass with 4 entrances per month) with which you can easily sell your services. You can also add an Open pass or associate a pass with selected types of classes (e.g. for a selected dance course). Sell individual services such as workshops and dance camps! eFitness offers solutions that make planning your offer easier!

Convenient online and cash payments

Customers can pay for services the way they like! With eFitness you can quickly and easily introduce different types of payment in your studio. Credit card, cash or online payments are standard. Recurring payments and payments for high-value services with PayU 0% instalments are additional options in eFitness! Choose the methods best suited to your studio!

Recurrent payments and payments for high-value services in 0% PayU installments are additional options in eFitness! Choose the methods that best suit your studio!

Feedback from users of the eFitness system

I am happy with the schedule and online sign-ups. I don't have to waste time signing up each course participant and they all have access to their own panel and manage their passes and bookings. The payment processor connected to the system and automatic invoicing for each transaction makes my life very easy.

Katarzyna Pierzgalska, She Studio

The system has improved the management of participant sign-ups and class schedules. Club members can purchase passes online and sign up for classes themselves. We appreciate the automatic invoices and reports. The care and commitment of the consultant in setting up and implementing the system and the quick response of the Support Department to requests are of great importance.

Magda Rutkowska, Grace Pole Academy

Online member area

Learn more about the virtual space of your studio. It lets clients see the current class schedule online, sign up for classes, and buy a pass. It is so easy!

Self-booking and pass management

This is the place where your customer can view their dashboard and buy a pass online. A club member with an active pass can independently book a place in a class at any time! In the Online Member Area we can configure a style that matches the visual side of your brand. The background photo, the logo or, for example, the colours in the class schedule – these are important elements you can take care of when building a consistent message.

In the Client member area, we can configure a style corresponding to the visual side of your brand. A photo in the background, a logo, or, e.g., colors in the Class Schedule are essential elements you can take care of when building a coherent message for your studio.

Contact with customers

Emails and text messages to participants

No more sending emails and text messages manually! In the eFitness gym system you can automate this process by specifying when and what messages are to be sent. The ability to create templates is also a great advantage. You no longer need additional tools, apart from the system of course, to make your communication with customers easy and effective. On top of that, you can use push messages in the mobile app!

Solutions for children's classes

To further improve communication, in the eFitness system, you can send automatic e-mails and text messages (e.g., booking confirmation) and one-time messages (e.g., competition reminders) to parents of underage participants. Club messages for younger children can be sent to their parents, and older children can read them on their phones.

Mobile app for class participants

Thanks to eFitness App, your clients can see the current class schedule, sign up for classes, and buy a pass. All this is available on smartphones at any time. It is so easy!

Key benefits of the eFitness App:

Class schedule. Let participants sign up for classes themselves or assign them to selected courses. Thanks to easy registration, they can reserve a place, e.g., in Open classes.

Cashless payments. Participants can make payments via the eFitness App. You no longer have to remind about payments; the system will do it for you. It's quick and convenient for both parties!

Notifications. You can send notifications to participants for free, such as a reminder about upcoming classes and publish information about new products and special offers.

Branding. An app in the colours of your training studios. Sure thing! The app can be consistent with your branding colours.

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Support and contact

We provide support during the implementation of the system and in the next steps of your adventure with the eFitness system. We are with you every step of the way.

Support Team

An eFitness consultant will teach you how the system works, explain everything, and help, for example, connect online payments.

System clients appreciate the involvement of our consultants in implementing the system and the brilliant response of the Support Team to notifications.

Support in development

We know how important it is to develop and expand your skills, which is why we have created a Knowledge Base and video tutorials on the system's functionalities. Did you know that our Knowledge Base is visited more than 20,000 times a month!

Visit our knowledge base here.

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