Improve your cash flow and receive sports towels for members of your fitness club

All you need to do is increase the number of recurring payments with Visa cards

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If you use eFitness system and have recurring payments implemented in your fitness club:

  • 1Send in your request
  • 2We will send you a gift package for your club members

If you are an eFitness system user but your customers still pay their memberships in cash:

  • 1Send in your request
  • 2We will aide you in implementing recurring card payments in your fitness club
  • 3We will send you a gift package for your club members

Do you want to receive a gift package for your club members?

The package consists of 50 sports towels that you can give your customers who have decided to pay the membership subscription with recurring payments using Visa card in your fitness club!

The action lasts from September 15 until supplies last.

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