Want to know what we’ve been working on?

Would you like to know what we have been working on recently? We have prepared for you a list of the most exciting news and updates from last year.

If so far you haven’t had time to read about them in notifications or didn’t notice them while working on the system, now’s the perfect time to take a closer look at them!

Discover the improvements we prepared last year for all eFitness users!

But for a start, see the summary of 2021 in the video:


Automation in eFitness offers many solutions that are useful not only in large chains of clubs it is also a great help in the daily work of boutique fitness clubs. We encourage you to streamline the outcome of your club by using two Automation novelties:

  • Three types of welcome messages in Automation – this is an option that allows you to create personalized messages to customers after purchasing a membership. Read more about the new types of welcome messages here.
  • Automatic renewal of the entry fee – it is possible to set whether the entry fee included in the membership should be added during the automatic renewal. Previously, the settings “Do not add the registration fee when the entry fee was paid” also affected the memberships automatically renewed.


Promotions are a complex category of the Marketing module in the eFitness system. So what have we added to it? In 2021, three significant updates appeared:

  • Adding a promotion for a specific month – the promotion module has been enriched with a new discount type, “Discount for installments by date.” When setting this type of discount, you do not indicate a specific installment but a date in the calendar, e.g., June 2022. Adding a promotion to the membership will make those installments receive an appropriate discount starting in June.
  • The new type of discount – in the definition of the promotion, you can choose the type of discount: Discount for the club card fee. This discount can be set as a percentage or an amount.
  • Additionally, in the “Membership” tab on the Member’s profile, a new column “Discounts granted” has appeared. The new column shows the total discount on installments or fees granted to the customer. The value in the queue is the difference between the base price and the price displayed in the installment or fee.

Read more about the ways of creating promotions in the eFitness system.


Reports are another essential module of the eFitness system. Did you know that you will find over 70 different reports in our system? Of course, you don’t have to analyze each of them every day! Select the most crucial reports for your business to keep your finger on the pulse and know the condition of your club. eFitness gives you many possibilities in this area!

The new reports and additional improvements that have appeared in the “Reports” module are:

  • Leads Report – a completely new report in the eFitness system. It is helpful in the work of the reception desk – employees can search in it for potential clients for whom no CRM activities have yet been initiated. It also makes the work of club managers much easier – potential clients appear with the number of tasks that have been added to them recently. The manager can also see how many tasks have been added to a particular lead and completed many. In addition, the report has filters, the ability to group export to Excel and allows you to perform collective actions such as: sending an email, SMS, adding a tag, bonus points, and CRM actions.
  • CRM Activities report – another new report. It contains all active and closed activities undertaken towards a potential club member, active Member, and ex-member. The report makes it possible to group data according to specific data and filter the results. In addition, the information includes completely new actions: the ability to bulk close activities, change the owner, the date, and the time of the action.
  • An additional improvement is the inclusion of payments for classes in your sales reports. For example, sales reports where payment data for types appear are “Sales” and “Sales-details.”
  • We have also prepared the option of granting permissions to add actions in bulk to reports. Previously, if the user could enter a specific report, he could also perform other activities from the level of this report – send emails, text messages, or add CRM activities. Now you can set the permissions only to enter the report to check the data. To send emails from the report level, he will have to have additional permission. Learn how to grant action permissions to users.

Do you want to get to know the Reports module better? Then, watch the video tutorial to learn about the possibilities of reports in the eFitness system.

Mobile application and Online Member Area

In the October update of the eFitness App mobile application, one-time online payments were made available in the Przelewy24 service. If you do not have the new payments activated in the application yet, contact our Helpdesk department through the ticket system. We will configure this type of payment in your club application.

A new feature in the Online Member Area is the possibility to charge the card and register it by clicking the “Pay” button when paying for an installment, fee, or classes if the card has not been linked to the Member’s Profile so far – read more.

Find out more about the mobile application possibilities and the Online Customer Area.

New module: Employee schedule

The Employee schedule is an entirely new module in the eFitness system. It greatly facilitates the work of a manager or club owner. Thanks to it, in the eFitness system, you can manage the schedule of employee shifts and check the report, which shows the working hours of reception staff and trainers.

In the Employee schedule, you can also define the employees’ working hours. You will see a list of the staff’s working hours in one report, which helps calculate work remuneration.

Read how to use and manage the Employee schedule.


In November, a new facility appeared – searching for products in the Bar by barcode or by the item’s name. It was just a foretaste of the news that we had planned in developing the Bar module. You can read about the improvements in the Bar module in 2022 here.


Finance is another tab of the eFitness system with new features. One of them is adding the column and filtering “Source” to “Online payments”. Using the information from the new “Source” filter, you will determine which payment source the payment attempt was made (e.g., via Terminal, Member Profile, or Charging Schedule).

The system also features an option to split the fee for membership into several payments (read more about the possibility of splitting the fee into several installments). Speaking of installments and fees – we have added new status icons here. In the membership, status icons appeared next to the installment/payment, which informs about the current stage of payment – see what they look like.

Improvements for chains of fitness clubs

We have also prepared something for the chains of fitness clubs. If you have more than one facility, you will surely appreciate the networking of CRM activities. What does this mean in practice? Each added Activity of the type “Phone,” “Meeting” or “Activity” in the CRM module always becomes networked. So regardless of the club in which the user is logged in, he can see his “TO DO” list – find out more.

We have also made the “Club” filter available in chain clubs more coherent – only active clubs are listed alphabetically in the drop-down list, and the ability to search for a club has been added, which is very useful for large chains of clubs.


Last but not least, security. We’ve made two data security improvements:


In addition to the introduced news and updates in the system, in 2021, we were constantly close to club owners and employees – we conducted training courses, answered phone calls, and created new tutorials in the Knowledge Base. We haven’t slowed down for a moment, and the numbers in the video are the best proof of that!

The year 2022 promises to be equally exciting – have you already seen the new Bar module? And this is just the beginning! You can check the newly implemented features in the system’s notifications or the News tab in the Knowledge Base.

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