The new look of the eFitness system

The eFitness system will have a new look in mid-January. 

What is changing and what does it mean for users? Only good things. The new look is, above all, even more readable and intuitive, which you will be able to see in a moment.

The new layout has been designed to make the daily work of fitness clubs even easier.

What is going to be changed?

  • The top menu is more user friendly. The basic functions are shown and additional items are in the drop-down menu. A “looking for help” window has also been added, which will allow you to find what you are looking for faster, both in the Knowledge Base and later in the system.
  • The side menu with intuitive navigation has also been refreshed to facilitate your work and save even more time.

If you want to know  what it is like to work on the new eFitness system layout, we invite you to watch the video.

Soon you will also find more information in the Knowledge Base.

Written by
Asia Balicka