System news – new possibilities for your fitness club

Check what new features have appeared in the eFitness system in recent months and use them in your fitness club.

Updates and improvements concern the critical modules of the eFitness system used in clubs daily. The most vital areas where new features have appeared are System Configurations, Reports, and the Online Member Area.

The new features mainly concern the automation and improvement of the club’s service, extensive accounting, and financial capabilities and notifications.

System configuration

System settings have a crucial impact on the smooth operation of the club in line with your business model. From now:

Reports in the eFitness system provide powerful possibilities for analyzing the condition of your club. Based on the data, you can conclude and plan practical business activities.

We enriched the extensive Reports module in the eFitness system with new reports. These include:

  • recent reports in the area of ​​Finance – “Taxes,” “Accrual income,” “Effectiveness of payments,” “Repayment of arrears,”
  • among the reports on club members’ data, the new features include, among others reports, “Personal approvals 2.0”, “Members by attendance” and “Membership statistics,”
  • Additionally, a new column appeared in the “Club Members” report – “Company NIP (identity number),” making data filtering possible even more efficiently.

What are the possibilities of reports in the eFitness system? Learn more here!

Take a look at the marketing activities in your club before the September start of the season. Then, you can take advantage of one of our new products, i.e., a discount program for selected activities in the club.

When using paid classes, you can provide a promotion code on their price. In addition, you can create a certain number of promo codes and give them your name. Discount codes for classes are valid when enrolled in the Online Member Area.

Check how to create and use promotion codes for classes.

Club members
Clear information about the client’s debt appears in the notifications on the club member’s profile. Thanks to this, the club employee can send a message or take other steps to urge the arrears to be repaid faster. Go to the Knowledge Base to learn more about managing the Customer Base and Member Profile.

An essential change in the Sales module is the possibility of correcting the issued invoice. You can create credit notes to the original invoice without restrictions. The PDF file will always reference the correcting invoice that we update and the original invoice. Importantly, each invoice is included in the VAT records and sales reports.

We added another novelty: the possibility of issuing an automatic invoice after the correction.

You can find more about invoice management in the eFitness system here.

A new feature in the Finance module is the “debt collection” note type. This type of note can only be closed by the TODO action list. Find out more about letters and CRM tasks here.

Online Member Area
New features in the Class Schedule in the Online Member Area:

  • The “city” filter has been added so that club members can search for activities that interest them even more efficiently.
  • the ability to track the purchasing process in the Buy pass tab allows
  • A logged-in club member can print the Class Schedule directly from the Online Member Area.

More about Online Member Area.

Network settings
We also have something new for club chain operators. An instance search engine has appeared in the system – thanks to it, it is possible to search for a club and easily re-log using the list of clubs.

Stay up to date with the news in the eFitness system!

Our work is constant development, improvement, and improvement of services. All this so that your club can do its best. Do you have questions about new functionalities? Feel free to post a message in the Helpdesk ticket system.

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