Remote working? Keep your head up and take advantage of the situation.

Among the huge restrictions that have been imposed on fitness clubs, we can find one positive aspect. As you have probably noticed, an important argument when choosing a club by the customer is the distance that separates the object from his place of residence or work. Thanks to online classes, these distances don’t exist anymore.

In this article you will learn how to easily earn money from online classes and how to use the Pay As You Go service – read on!

If your fitness club specializes in high quality classes – you are in a winning position. Why? Perhaps you run a great pole dance studio that enjoys good fame throughout the city or country. Or maybe people from the other end of the city come to your CrossFit box. Now there can be even more people! All you have to do is skillfully promote yourself and use online classes. For promotion, you can use old proven methods, such as the recommendations of your club by satisfied customers (it really works!). 

What about new client without membership? 

No problem! In addition to the tool for online classes, we have something else for you – Pay As You Go – the ability to charge fees for single classes without membership. Online classes can attract a lot of new people interested in selected trainings. In this situation, the Pay As You Go option is the most convenient solution. The customer doesn’t need to buy full membership, but only selected classes or services, e.g. diet consultations.  

From the client’s perspective

 Pay As You Go payment is a convenience for your customers. New people can try out the club’s services without any heavy obligations. In the Customer Area, the price will be displayed next to the class description. After clicking “Sign up” you will also see information about the option to pay for classes using online payments. If the customer does not pay for them at the time of enrollment, the class will be pre-reserved. If you want to start Pay As You Go, don’t hesitate and contact our Helpdesk Team.

Written by
Asia Balicka