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Why human behaviour should shape your Social Media strategy...

joehall, 26 Mar 2019

Ten years ago who would have ever predicted that large populations of society will be regularly spotted wearing dog ears, or an extravagant, sparkly tiara while talking to their friends? It would have been such an odd suggestion at the time,

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Offering a 1st Class Experience - Why treating your fitness class attendees with special attention is a must.

joehall, 22 Mar 2019

At the beginning of every year, we typically see a surge of new members join health clubs, in a bid to ‘make a change’ and increase their exercise participation levels for a variety of different reasons. Unfortunately, each year, around a third of all those New Years Resolutioners give up within just 3 months and return to their former ways.

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How choosing the right Club Management System can ‘jazz up’ your customer experience.

Konstancja, 26 Feb 2019

A 1950’s American Jazz singer named Billie Holiday once expressed that ‘no two people on earth are alike, and it’s got to be that way or music isn’t music.’

It might be difficult for us to draw too many clear comparisons between the average health club and the ragtime &

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Don’t let it rain, while they train! Why ‘flooding’ your members with ‘Sales Spiel’ can destroy your sales process.

Konstancja, 21 Feb 2019

Some people are like rain clouds, once they are gone it’s a beautiful day. Who are those people? Well, unfortunately for your prospects, those rain-clouds, may well be over aggressive, annoying, pushy gym membership consultants.

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Different levels mean different devils; Make monitoring activity your masterstroke.

16 Apr 2019

Online or offline? Where should Health Club Operators draw the line?

9 Apr 2019

How to add maximum value to your Small Group Training service

27 Mar 2019