News in eFitness! Easier and faster work with Club member’s profile

There is more news in the eFitness system! In September, a new Club entry page and Club member’s profile will appear in the system!

Club members – the life of your club goes on around them. Daily, the work of the reception desk focuses on managing and editing club members’ data, adding services and memberships, assigning reminder notes, or booking classes or training. But, in a moment, all these activities will be possible to perform even faster.

How will the key modules be improved in the eFitness system – Club member’s profile and Club entry page? See the list of news.

Club member’s profile

Many significant facilitations await in managing the club member’s profile.

Functional changes that will ensure even more efficient operation of your client service:

  • a new button, “Add a note,” i.e., the ability to add a note directly from the club member’s profile,
  • a new button “Add a membership” – the possibility of adding a pass directly from the shape of the club member,
  • an additional button, “Add registration for classes,”
  • extra button “Add credit/debit card” from the field “Reminders.”

Changes to the layout – we have also prepared some improvements in this area:

  • clearer icons,
  • a clear view of the club member’s data,
  • a clear view of reminders and reserved lists,
  • a new view of memberships,
  • a new view of lists of saved personal training sessions,
  • new menu bar view,
  • more legible styling of texts (new fonts, sizes, branding),
  • and contemporary styles of information frames.

Lear more about in Knowledge Base.

Club entry page

You will also see functional and layout changes on the Club Entry page.

The functional changes are mainly:

  • the ability to add a note directly from the input screen,
  • possibility to add a credit/debit card directly from the entrance screen,
  • the “Pay” button will be added directly under the subscription,
  • If the club member has more than one membership, choosing which membership they want to enter will be necessary. If the subscription is not selected – a pop-up will be displayed with the information,
  • A pop-up with the information “The client is already in the club” – will appear when clicking “Enter” on the Member’s Profile to a person who is already in the club.

Changes in the graphic layout are no less significant. However, they are mainly responsible for the ease of operation of your reception desk:

  • thanks to them, your employees can choose a membership more efficiently – adding a membership is the most distinctive element in the Entry club page,  reminders and notes are also highlighted in the foreground,
  • the list of entries and the list of personal training are also clearly visible,
  • the view of services assigned to the subscription has been improved,
  • notes difference graphically from reminders.

Learn more in Knowledge Base.

The Club Entry page and the Club member’s profile are essential elements of the club’s daily work. All this so that your club can work even better and more efficiently.

Do you have questions about the news? Feel free to write a message in the Helpdesk ticket system.


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