New Bar module in the eFitness system!

Soon a new Bar module will appear in the eFitness system. So why did we decide to introduce the new version?

Fitness club owners and managers know that retail sales are a great additional source of income. You can sell not only products (including dietary supplements, towels, or water) but also services (such as personal training or dietary consultations). There are many possibilities! The eFitness system makes selling bar products and additional services even more effortless.

The Bar in the eFitness system is a module that club employees use every day, which is why we have improved it both in terms of functionality and appearance.

News and feature improvements
We know how important are modules that influence the club’s daily work. The activities in the system must be quick and intuitive, so in the new Bar, users will find it easier to add items and a new, even easier payment path. We have also improved the possibility of searching items by barcode and article name in one field.

News in appearance
The module’s appearance is also important and affects the quality of your reception, which is why we have prepared a new arrangement and shape of categories and items, as well as new, more excellent product icons. Additionally, we have introduced permanent background color and font suggestions for categories and articles. The new place of the basket and new, more legible payment tiles will also affect faster sales.

Why are the changes in the Bar module so significant? In 2021 alone, the clubs sold as many as 666,210 bottles of water through the eFitness system! It’s a lot, it could fill two Olympic swimming pool lanes. 😉

Haven’t you used the eFitness system yet? Please find out how easy it is, contact us!

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