Welcome to the Knowledge Base! How can we help you?

After the successful launch of the Polish version, which was very warmly received by our customers, we present the English version of Knowledge Base!

More and more eFitness system users use the instructions and video tutorials available in the Knowledge Base. The platform was created for clients and on their incentive. 

You convinced us that such a place is needed and will help even more in the daily work of the club. Discover the Knowledge Base and find answers to all your questions.

Find a place where you will explore a lot of useful information that will help you in your work and fitness club management. We’ve broken down our helpdesk into four main categories:

  • Knowledge Base – where you will learn, among other things, how to configure a membership or how to create a class schedule. You will also see how many great things the eFitness system can do for you.
  • Getting Started – a helpful place if you are starting to work with the eFitness system
  • News – look for news related to new functionalities and updates in the system
  • Videos

In the Knowledge Base, you will find over 160 manuals in 32 categories and over 20 video tutorials. And it’s not over! The content of the Knowledge Base is continually growing, so we encourage you to use it regularly!

The topic that is currently enjoying the interest is, of course, How to check the number of Club Members in the club? It’s one of the functionalities that helped the facilities to return to operation in the times of new restrictions imposed on clubs.

See how the eFitness assistance works:

Written by
Asia Balicka