Customer service in 2021 – eFitness in numbers

Numbers matter, every business knows it, so at eFitness we decided to look at them! The beginning of the year is a good time to sum up.

We have always emphasized how important contact with customers and their business development is for us – these are not just empty words, and these numbers are the best proof of it.

There are some numbers that we would like to share with you.

Our customer service in 2021:

🔹 1.260

This is the number of hours of system training conducted by our trainers this year, including free online training in which our clients can take part every Friday.

🔹 17.700

Our Helpdesk department answered the number of phone calls. They are always here for you when you need it!

🔹 350

The number of publications, articles, and video tutorials we have published in our Knowledge Base. The knowledge of even the most advanced functions of the system is always at hand for all users!


These numbers are impressive, right? We are always close to the owners and employees of the clubs and … in 2022 we are not going to change that! 💪

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