Contactless – a new dimension of member experience

Until recently, contactless activities or the use of virtual solutions could be considered a manifestation of incomprehensible and unavailable new technology or even extravagance. Today, however, the changing reality forces us to look for new communication paths, new methods and solutions to continue working despite multiple restrictions. So let’s take a look at what areas in the fitness club can gain thanks to such solutions.


“We encourage you to make contactless payments” – such a message is encountered almost at every step. By selling services at the club, we can go a bit further and offer club members the use of recurring payments. On the one hand, it is a convenience for club members, because they no longer have to remember about a monthly transfer, and payments are made “by themselves”. On the other hand, it is a guarantee of cash in hand for the club, which can have a positive effect on financial liquidity and minimize the costs of debt collection.

Communication with club members

Nothing can replace direct contact, especially in a fitness club, and of course we don’t encourage you to do so. However, we support you to enrich communication in the club by using other channels to reach club members. Currently, everyone is “online” and enjoys the benefits of smartphones, applications or services available on the Internet. It is worth going with the times and creating new paths of communication with club members. First of all, the Member Online Area, that is, “come in and make yourself at home” and conveniently arrange everything, except for training, on your smartphone or using the application. Secondly, club news – automatically sent by e-mail, text message, available on social media and, of course, in the application.

Welcome to the club

You can also train without contact and without being present at the club, online classes have become a part of the fitness reality. Of course, we encourage you to use it, it can be a perfect complement to the basic offer. However, the main offer of the fitness club, as we know well, concerns the activities and services available in the facility.

How to meet safety requirements and not give up on what we like to do the most? Technology makes our task easier in this field as well. On the one hand, efficient management of club entry limits in accordance with the current guidelines, on the other hand, a new mobile application that allows club members to enter the club using qr codes, i.e. completely contactless.

Regardless of the improvements that we choose to work even better and more effectively, it is worth considering non-contact solutions. On the one hand, they will affect safety, on the other hand, they are convenience not only for the club, but also for club members.


Written by
Asia Balicka