Business Health Check – a new dimension of reporting

Business Health Check is a new report in the system based on changes in club members’ status and net income. In the case of club chains, all clubs are visible in one report, each club on a separate line.

Why is the Business Health Check report essential?

  • contains critical information in one place
  • facilitates the achievement of business goals
  • the data is divided into groups for easy management
  • provides clear information on the process of statistics
  • is sent automatically to the provided email address

Targets – business goals

One of the most significant changes is the addition of targets that the BHC report can use. We have added the ability to configure five business goals for each month, with the help of which you can control on an ongoing basis at what stage is the achievement of the target for a given month.

Types of business goals available in the system:

  • Number of new club members
  • Number of lost club members
  • Value of income from Personal Trainings
  • The value of the payment from the memberships
  • Value of the sale of goods from the bar

In the BHC report, the values in the columns for the % fulfillment of the target will have colors depending on the result: <91 forl red,> = 91 and <= 100 for yellow and > 100 for green.

All data in the report is calculated once a day, which means that the most recent data will always refer to yesterday on a given day. In addition, the information includes data from the selected day and data calculated as MTD (Month to Date) -> period from the beginning of the month to the indicated day.

Data divided into groups

The report contains the following information divided into groups:

  • Opening balance of the month (number of active club members on the 1st day of the month);
  • NetGain – the difference between new active club members and club members leaving the club;
  • Group containing information about the number of club members from Freepass and conversion from Freepass;
  • New club members group with information about completely new club members, continuation after a short break and a longer break + target realization;
  • Group Completed loss and loss planned by the end of the month, divided into Expired memberships (naturally ended and not renewed) and Interrupted memberships + target realization;
  • Group Current balance – number of active club members;
  • Debtors Group with information on active debtors and Ex debtors, as well as the total number of club members in debt for 3 installments or more;
  • Freeze Group – containing information on active freezes and suspensions, also the number of club members with a frozen and indebted membership;
  • Group Visits divided into the number of visits carried out by club members and the number of visits by club members with the Partner status (external system type pass). This group also includes information on class attendance, peak visits, etc.
  • Group of Personal Trainings – number of settled PT, income from settled PT, target
  • Group Payments from membership + target realization
  • Group Sale from a bar – divided into items in stock + target realization; services and packages from TP.

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Written by
Asia Balicka